January 2, 2018


Merlo, Argentina


Hermana Bate


I love serving the Lord. I have always had a strong desire to serve Him well and with all I have. I have had great companions who help me to do so and in many different ways and it has been great!

But now it's the great Hermana Bate's turn and WOW she helps me be the best missionary I can. I realize I didn't introduce her much last week and that's NOT OKAY because she is incredible! Her faith leads us to the just right people who are waiting for us. Her love and desire spills out as she bares her simple testimony in Spanish. Heavenly Father is very very smart to have put us together.

I feel like with her there aren't excuses, there is nothing that limits us and I love being able to serve by her side! I do feel a bit bad for her because the poor thing got me while I'm trunkiest, but we were through it and she's patient ;)

We continue the search for new investigators and we know the Lord is preparing the hearts of His children. We're excited and have high hope and goals for the new year!

I hope you all enjoyed it! we did with Argentine asado, watching fireworks from the windows and walking around the next day with NOBODY in the streets. only the sound of the stereo still booming because they fell asleep without turning it off... ;)

love you all! be good, look and pray for opportunities to brighten someone else's day or life! always look outwards and ask for the Lord's guidance because He's smarter than us. and always be willing to accept His way over ours!
Hermana Hull​​​​​​


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