November 20, 2017


Merlo, Argentina


Hermana Gibson

I love the Lord and His work

it's just been a neat week, being able to talk to all kinds fo people and invite them to hear about the Book of Mormon and Christ's restored church. 
In South America they've started doing a lot of "Open Chapels". Almost all of the churches have gates around them so lots of people have never been in so we set up a time when it's all open and we're giving tours. We went to one in a different city to help out a little because Hermana Gibson sings very beautifully :) and I went out with another Hermana to invite people to come. 
We ran into Alberto who was on his way to buy some bread. He lives 3 blocks from the church and had never been inside, so the Lord put him in our path, and he walked right in and let walked out with a Book of Mormon and a smile on his face. We also visited the non-member husband of a less-active member. He hadn't ever been either! so we walked with him to the church and I could just see the Spirit touch his heart as he learned about the organization of the church. 
I love being a missionary. I feel good and excited to just give everybody the chance to know the Heavenly Father has restored the path to live with Him and our families in joy forever! and that was is through baptism! 
Maria, Elvira, and Rosa are preparing for baptism by reading the Book of Mormon and applying it in their lives! please pray for them, that they can make that decision and receive those blessings in December.
no pictures today because the computer is not a good one.. sorry about that. you'll see me pretty soon anyways.. ;) BUT REALLY when it's your last transfer here you're called an "honorable" and I'm a PRE-HONORABLE!!!! :O it's weird. I didn't even realize it until someone told me this week.. haha
love you all so much! thank you for your love and prayers <3 we're happy, healthy, and looking for the miracles to help Heavenly Father's children come unto Christ.Hermana Hull


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