November 6, 2017


Merlo, Argentina


Hermana Gibson

Imagine all the people...

that we are teaching! Heavenly Father is keeping our hands and hearts full with the opportunity to teach so many of His beautiful amazing children!

If you remember I wrote a bit ago about receiving revelation, asking Heavenly Father and reading the Book of Mormon to know if it's true and to know of His love. WELL.

Maria and Estela put it to the test this week and received their answers! Estela said she'd be baptized!!! She's a bit scared and hesistant about getting married, but she's listening to the Spirit and she has a great friend, Maria, who's a member and encouraging her, she's on the right track!

Maria came up to us on Sunday and said "I did what you asked me to and something really crazy happened! I
kneeled down because, well we did it the other day and it just felt
right. I prayed and my heart started pounding so hard! I was so surprised I just
kept looking at the ceiling and thinking." <3

She had seen her boyfriend and his family and their firm testimonies and she longed to have one like theirs. she asked with a sincere heart and Heavenly Father answered. I know that He always will.

Others who are walking on the camino to baptism are Stella(her sons are members and she's felt the truth, but it's hard for her to stop smoking), Elvira(her son was baptized a few months ago and she has seen the changes in him and wants to be baptized ASAP! but her work schedule barely allows her to come to church), and Alexis and his twin brother, Johnathan(well they're strong Christians and are wanting to compare beliefs, but they're reading  the Book of Mormon and just ASKING for the Spirit to teach them) ;)

I love this gospel and know it is the only true way to return and live with our Heavenly Father forever. We all accepted this plan before coming to this earth and we're all just struggling through the obstacles to get back! help others on their way!

oh and I always tell you to look out for who needs help and I usually think about neighbors and people who we're always around and we're applying that and teaching some of our neighbors! the missionaries have lived there for a while and these neighbors STILL didn't have a Book of Mormon!!!!!!! and they love it! so don't fear, just offer and invite and it'll be so good!

mucho amor!
Hermana Hull


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