October 30, 2017


Merlo, Argentina


Hermana Gibson

UPDATE. with cool experiences and all you've ever wanted for these 15 months!

Hello all!
How’s the week been?

I’m not
sure if I’ve shared all of the crazy things that have happened this transfer
but I thought I’d start this one off with that.

-the first
week was pretty normal! But Hermana Gibson had to remember how to ride a bike,
we walked suuuper far to a lunch because the roads were dirt and it’s hard to
ride on them. But other than that, pretty normal.

-the second
week we had to travel a bit. We went to the capital to make Hermana Gibson legal.
BUT that Monday I got sick for not being prepared with a jacket and the
temperature dropped a ton that night! Sooo all that week we were travelling and
being sick OH and President told us we might be moving to a different area. And
we did. Saturday morning we went from the little, way-far-away town of Lobos to
Merlo. A really big center of other cities kind of place.

-We took
the place of some elders so we arrive to our apartment just to find a mess…
poor things, they said they tried to clean up but they had just found out the
day before. So we were left with a few welcoming gifts such as old white button
down shirts, mold in the shower, stains everywhere, cockroaches. Man, it was just not very
pretty. Luckily that Monday I miraculously recovered and cleaned all the dust
out as my poor companion caught my flu and was resting, also because she’s very
effected by dust. So we cleaned and tried to make it as livable as possible.

-Being that
we travelled so much, we are ending this month with a very very small budget. But
the members are so wonderful and help us and give us food.

-we found
out about some new cool changes in the schedule! We’ll still be writing on
Mondays but our P-days are Thursdays now!

-It stormed
pretty badly Thursday night and I kept waking up because I was paranoid that it
would flood or something. Aaand nothing happened. BUT we woke up Saturday
morning and it really had flooded! One of the pipes came loose and our kitchen
was COVERED in water. We live right behind some members, so the Hermano came
and helped us out, but WOW, what a way to start the day. We were a bit
stressed, our lunch appointment fell and we have NO food. So we decided to fast
to receive peace and comfort and ideas. And then we were blessed with a few

We visited
Estela, the friend of a newer church member, and she shared with us a dream she
had that somebody called for her "ven, hija. ven!" and she didn't
know what it meant but she knew it was a different, special voice. Her and her
husband went to the Catholic church "San Cayetano" and prayed for
guidance. the Hermana who went with us had a SUPER SIMILAR experience when she
was baptized. Her son had health problems so she went desperately and the
priest prayed through her for her son. that day, about the same time, the
missionaries passed by and met her son!!! so we talked a bit about how the
Spirit works and how she'll be able to know that the Book of Mormon and the
Restoration of the church is true.

We've decided to work with quite a few part-member families. The Spirit touched
me as our zone leader shared the experiences he had with other families. AND
we're seeing the Lord's hand in that! Ivan is a recent convert and gave his
first talk on Sunday. We met his mom about 2 weeks ago and started teaching
her, and she was able to go and experience sacrament meeting for the first
time! It was so special. so many people have been waiting to meet her and they
were all so excited <3

Also Maria is the girlfriend of one of the youth. She moved in with his family
for some of her hard family situations and we taught her one time when she made
us lunch :) She's super special too and has been to church a few times. She was
excited to be there, too and we're planning a family home evening with all of

We had such a fun time contacting SO MANY PEOPLE yesterday. We put the goal of
13 contacts, because we had a few citas planned, but they fell and we talked to
12 people! taught the restoration to one of them! and gave 2 Books of Mormon.
It was fun to get out after a bit of stress with the language and a flood we
had. We fasted after the flood (because we needed divine help AND because we
didn't have much to eat) :) and the blessings CAME!

I just feel
so grateful to be a part of this great work. it has been an amazing time so far
and I KNOW that Heavenly Father has miracles for the time that remains.

I leave you
all with my testimony that if we trust in Him, we will be okay. we might be a
little hungry, a little uncomfortable, and a little sleepy, but we will have an
inner peace that cannot be found on earth. it comes from the Holy Ghost and
especially from the gift of the Holy Ghost that we receive after being baptized
by the Priesthood, the authority of God.

Our Heavenly
Father intends these blessings for all of His children which are all of you! so
if you don’t have it, get it! don’t let yourself be without all these beautiful
blessings and tools our Heavenly Father has provided us to enjoy and get
through this life.

I love you
all so much! have a great week and take a minute to serve someone today.

example last night we were headed home, trying to get there on time, but we saw
a man and 2 ladies whose car had just broken down. The ladies were really
flustered because they had to get to a bus on time for their vacation that they
already paid money for. and the man just so happened to be a newly baptized
member of a different ward! so we were able to say a prayer with them to help
them calm down, a different car came to take the ladies to their bus. and the
Hermano shared with us his regret for working that day. I know Heavenly Father
is always very aware of us and if we pay attention we can be where he needs us
to be and when.



cool zone conference with cool friends. (Hermana Wheatley and Elder Atwood go home next week :( chau forever)


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