October 16, 2017


Merlo, Argentina


Hermana Gibson

have you served your neighbor?

Thanks to the fact that Argentina has to be different from the world in EVERY WAY, yesterday was mother's day here and we got to have a little skype sesh with the family :) I found out that my dad has been pretty sloppy with uploading my letters, so I wanted to apologize for that. today is August 16, so now you can all compare and see how long it really takes him... hehe
We've had a great week! lots of studying and analyzing and trying to understand Lehi's dream.... but instead Robert Downy Jr. shows up so..
What I mean to say is that we've had to stay inside and sleep a lot so we have a lot of interesting dreams. many of mine include people I haven't seen for 5 years... so that's nice. 
OH! one of the only times we could leave was to speak with our families and we're so blessed here that our next door neighbors are members <3 so we spent the evenig with them, practicing spanish, eating cake, playing a board game and at the end we shared a little message like always. 
I thought it appropriate to share a bit about the importance of mothers, but the spirit invited them to share their struggles to read their scriptures everyday. They're a young family, they love serving and sharing the gospel, but in their busy schedules and with their 6 month-old son, they've found it hard to find time to study together. We were able to testify about trying our faith, repenting, and working together to get those habits down, no matter where they're at now. 
I was reflecting later, and I thought about Sister Oscarson's talk about serving. and how we need to serve our neighbors. WHICH a very awesome sister in the ward had just testified about that morning! so I felt the Spirit speaking to me and teaching me and it was a neat moment. <3
I know our Heavenly Father communicates with us. if you're not sure how to have the constant communication in your lives, ask the missionaries! they can help you :) 
I love you all very much, be good, have a great week and serve each other <3
Hermana Hull
ps PICTURES THIS WEEK <3 this is the beautiful Hermana Gibson!


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