October 9, 2017


Merlo, Argentina


Hermana Gibson


We got a text from President on Monday night asking how we would feel if we were moved to a different area... and it's really cool because I thought first about Hermana Gibson, if she'd be able to make the change and be happy. Then about the Elders who would be taking care of our investigators, which they're really great so I was calm. 
We already had to travel a bit this week to go into the capital and make my companion legal then go to the offices for interviews which we didn't end up having because we found out we had to go back and pack to move to MERLO 1! 
We went from the end of the world in Lobos, to the middle of a really busy part where there have only been elders for the last year and a half! so it's just a neat new adventure <3
and y'all know how I like to have adventures and enjoy things, so even though we've been sick through all of these exciting things, you can be sure that I have found ways to make them enjoyable ;)
I know that Heavenly Father guides us, and even more when we're on His errand. we had a lot fo time sensitive things that ended up taking longer or we had to wait and just weird uncontrollable situations, but we looked for opportunities to share the gospel. 
I had an even neater opportunity to talk with a sister missionary who has been here the whole time I have, but we've never really talked much. She's dealing with some hard decisions and I was able to use a lot of my personal experiences to have a really open conversation with her. Before I came, that's all I ever wanted to do, put to use the experiences I've had to not only help myself but all others around me. So I feel really grateful this week to have been able to do that.
We met an investigator named Teresa here in Merlo who is preparing for baptism! She's looking for an answer from God and we promised her she could find it by attending church, so she'll be coming next week! She stopped smoking and feels like Heavenly Father is preparing her to live with her husband again, because he passed away a few months ago. We'll have a Family Home Evening with her and her children this week to share a bit about how the gospel provides a peace and hope about death, and again I will be able to use my blessings to hopefully help them feel the Spirit and know the truth of these things and seek the help of Christ's Atonement. <3

lots of words today to make up for the last few weeks. still no pictures because the computer doesn't love me. :( 
but I love you all so so much! I hope you have a great week! be good and remember who you're trying to be like <3
Hermana Hull


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