September 18, 2017


Lobos, Argentina


Hermana Martínez

it's spring por fin!

Hey hey sorry about last week. I'm still kicking, don't worry!
we've been coming and going for this, that and the other. so lots of train rides, chess games on the train. 
I met a few members from a different area the other day and they just happened to be on the same train as us. a newer elder, Elder Affleck said he was having Dejavu and I told him he should talk to them! maybe it was like a vision and he should invite them to learn more about the gospel! (I'm so bad :) and he did and they played along so well! then his companion Elder Atwood asked the couple where they were from, "Marcos Paz", but which ward? "Marcos Paz 1" ;) and he caught on that they were members ;) that was fun. 
But with all the time on trains, I definitely don't have much time to be lazy :) and I don't want to either. Hermana Martínez wanted to sleep today but I think we're going to play a bit of soccer :) 

One of our biggest miracles was that 3 of the 4 recent converts were at church this Sunday, which hasn't happened for a month or so. and one received the Aaronic Priesthood! His wife has her own plans to be baptized soon and I imagine that her daughter won't wait too much after that! Also Marcela, who moved here with her husband and who are working are getting married so they can be baptized, as able to go! the chapel was just filled! with lots of love and the Spirit and I tried to take a picture but it's pretty blurry. 
I really love these people. I feel so blessed to be here helping them and working with them. I know that I'm weak. I'm grateful my Heavenly Father loves me and helps me. 
I love you all and hope you have a great week!don't forget to pray!Hermana Hull


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