April 12, 2015


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Hermana Westman

#65 I love to see the temple

Hi family,
Its always been a challenge for me to talk and write home about the people that I am teaching. Its hard because things are changing so fast. Sometimes we will have one of the most amazing experience with someone then the next they dont want to do anything to do with us. Its been hard because I learn to care about them and it makes its hard when you know they feel the spirit and they taste of the goodness but then choose not to listen to more lessons or they feel they have too many challenges. Oh it just makes it hard to explain every week and to keep you all updated because a week in a mission is a long time and things are always changing.

Im learning that just because they choose to not continue It doesn’t make the experiences and lessons we had with them any less special. so I am going to try a little harder to tell you about our little miracles.
We made a contact a while back with a family. We’ve been back several times since and taught the mom, daughter and the older son fabian whos 19. After the first contact we were never able to find fabian again but we continued teaching the mom and daughter. . ( He sometimes goes off with friends and doesnt tell his mom where or when he´ll be home sometimes for days.) so its hard.
One saturday night we passed by to remind them about church but this time only Fabian was home. So we invited him to church and he said okay! so fabian went to church about two weeks ago. But after that Sunday every time we went back we only found the mom home Fabian was always gone.
Last monday morning we were waiting for the elders at the church so we could go and do something together for p-day. While we were waiting in the sacremental playing the piano Fabian pops his head in with tears in his eyes. He said, “my first thought today wandering around the streets was go to the church and find the chicas.
He expressed to us his feeling to change, to be better and to live up to his potential. Hes tired of disappointing his mom and himself. He wants to really change. We had a great lesson with him that morning with the help of the elders. It was perfect! How amazing was it that we were in the church that monday morning and that the spirit could guide fabian there. Fabian listened and he followed his heart to the church to find the Hermanas because he knew we would know how to help. What a special prompting we could all learn something from. During hard times and struggles I hope that my first thought will always be to “go to the church and find the Hermanas,” go to the temple. Heavenly Father gives us people to help us... family, friends, leaders…he gives us tools to make it through the hard times. I love it! The elders invited him to come with us to our district meeting. I was really nervous and I wasn’t sure what he was going to think. During our reunions our district leader gives us a lesson and we talk about our investigators, their progress and how we can help them.
I thought eesh how weird it might be to discuss it in front of Fabian. But Hermana westman is a genius, she said I got this, I was like okey dokey. We got up there and she whispered to me to talk in third person.. I panicked thinking back to English class.. third person? …third Person ? haha So she looked at Fabian and said.... “so we have an investigator named Fabian….” everyone started to laugh, “ now fabian.. what do you think this investigator fabian needs?” Oh Fabian was smiling so big! He said, “Well he probably needs what you guys were talking about earlier..A testimony but I think hes working on that and I think that this Fabian kid would also like videos, I think it would help him learn” hahaha it was so funny!!! Unfortunately we haven’t seen him since last Wednesday. We are praying out little hearts out that we will be able to find him again. He has potential and we so bad want to help him recognize it and make smart decisions.
Even with some setbacks… I believe we had success and had some really great moments this week!
Remember Eugenia? We’ve been teaching her english.. last email I told you how we always try to share our testimony and share things about the gospel. Well this week we were able to share the book of mormon with her at the end of a lesson. We read a couple verses with her…she was so grateful, she loved it. She said she was going to start reading it after we left. We have become really close to Eugenia and her mom, they always watch out for us. It actually turns out about 30 years ago the mom talked with some missionaries and went to church a couple times…... By small and little things I hope someday they will be made big….we are praying!!

Yesterday during the temple open house orientations we were able to all walk through the temple. It was amazing and so incredibly beautiful and just so peaceful I sure have missed the temple and the special peace that you can only find there. I am so grateful for the temple.
hermana westman and I actually get to have the opportunity to go back and to be the hosts today and tomorrow. We are so grateful and so excited. We are going to be staying in a house of a investigator that lives in front of the temple. It will be so fun. I think they said she knows English. How fun to be so close to the temple for a couple days.
Transfers are this weekend right during the open house which complicates things just a bit.. poor presidente. So we will find out Thursday instead of saturday. I have two transfers left and Im not quite sure what’s going to happen this transfer we will have to see.
Me and hermana westamn are a little sad we have had the best time together. But we will have to see!
Anyway thats the update here from your little missionary.
I love you! I hope you all have the best week!


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