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Can I post Letters to Facebook?

Post Letters to Facebook

Yes, you can post missionary letters to Facebook! In fact, with just one click you can post your missionary's letters to multiple Facebook accounts! (For example, you can post your missionary's letters to (1) your own Facebook account, (2) your spouse's Facebook account, (3) your missionary's Facebook account, (4) other sibling's Facebook accounts and (5) even their grandparent's Facebook accounts all with just ONE click.)

Post Letters to Facebook from the "Edit Letter" Page

Use the Edit Letter page to post letters to Facebook. In the lower part of the Edit Letter page, you will find the Facebook checkbox. When you check this box, the list of Facebook accounts associated to this missionary will be displayed. If your own account is not listed, you will see a button to let you link your Facebook account and add it to the list. There is an Edit button that takes you to the Missionary Admin > Share page where you can manage the list of Facebook accounts linked to the missionary. At the letter edit page, when you select to post to Facebook, you see the list of Facebook accounts to which you can post the letter. There are buttons to turn each of the accounts On and Off, so as to post only to the desired accounts. The post will contain: the main letter picture, if any, otherwise the missionary profile picture; the text you type in the Summary box and a link to the letter.