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How can I add Pins in the Map?

All My Mission pages work the same, you (1) click the page you’d like to work on in the left-column menu, and then (2) click the “Add” or “Edit” button on the right to work on that page. (For Maps, the right button is actually named “Pins” and it allows you to add pins (or locations) to the Map.) You can add a Pin for each area your son serves. Our Map pages uses Google Maps and are extremely accurate. When you see pin in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (by Africa) that is where the equator (0° latitude) and the prime meridian (0° longitude) intersect. That means Google Maps returned nothing (a null value) because it had no address. The trick here is that you MUST fill in both the (1) Name AND the (2) Address for every Pin. The Name can be anything, that field is the name you want to call this location. However, the Address must be included. The Address field is what Google uses to place the pin. Always enter all of the Address you know. If you only know the city and country, that’s fine, just use those. Google will place the pin in the middle of whatever address you use. (If you only put the city and country, the Pin will be placed in the middle of the city.)