July 2, 2018


Belmont, Massachusetts


Elder Poelman

Sweat, Harvard and No greater work than the errand of the Lord

5 things!

1. Summer hit, we have had several days near 100° with 90%humidity, I didn't know I could sweat this much.

2. The new Mission President visited our ward and then we had lunch with him and his wife while we discussed how to start unifying the mission and stake /ward leadership to facilitate a culture of conversions for members and investigators alike. President Mavromatis is awesome and the same feeling of him being called by God that I felt so clearly with President Miller set in when we met him. He has a great sense of humor and I am excited to see how his zest and experience lead this mission.

3. We were asked to sit on a "Missionary Panel" for a multi stake youth conference and it was awesome! The youth are such excellent members and have ingrained already into their lives the "primary answers" to living the Gospel. They asked insightful questions and it was an awesome opportunity to bear testimony of some of the fundamentals of Missionary work.

4. We taught a recently Baptized child some of the big commandments, namely Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom and the Sabbath Day Observance. The lessons went well it made me think about a great conversation about using talents to serve others on the Sabbath that we had at dinner a few weeks ago.

5. Physical Therapy! My companion had a back injury that changed his muscles’ ideas on how they should work, and they're doing it wrong. The last 3 weeks he has gone to physical therapy, and I just kind of sit there and make jokes while his Physical therapist makes him do uncommon exercises. She asked the other day if he did his assigned exercises and I replied, “we did". This experience of never being alone has been an adjustment, and it is funny how common place it becomes to forgo the use of he or I and replace it for "we".

6. I toured Harvard last week, went in the library and what not. The main library, donated by the mother of a man who died on the Titanic, is the only building whose grandeur comes close to that of an LDS temple. The picture is me on exchanges with Elder Rich in the study of the man who died on the Titanic. The study was taken from his home and placed in the library in memory. We are standing in front of one of the Gutenberg Bibles, which I heard are kind of a big deal.

That's all for this week! I'll work to get back on writing weekly's, I have had a severe case of don't wanna write emails the last few weeks!

Be like the youth, ingrain the primary answers into your heart and let them and the spirit that will attend to you take you from there. There is no greater work than the errand of the Lord, and you don't need to be a full-time Missionary to do that!

Elder Zimmerman

Ephesians 1:7


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