June 11, 2018


Belmont, Massachusetts


Elder Poelman

A snapping turtle named Peter, walking and becoming a master of the "rotaries"

1. The adjustment to walking is going well. We have been working on contacting people with some questions in mind, especially about their perception of missionaries and LDS members of the community.

2. We had our last interview with President Miller. I am grateful for him and the dedication to the calling he carries. Not an interview goes by that a manifestation of his calling is not testified of by the Holy Ghost.

3. On exchanges, Elder Johnsen and I had a day fun of Miracles. From one unexpected contact to another. We had frequent and thoughtful prayers that kept us spiritually sensitive.

4. P-day was spent driving to and from doctor's appointments. On the plus side, we got some tennis rackets and a large canvas of a zebra affectionately titled "Marty".

5. We had more doctor's appointments on Tuesday. The good news is what the West coast calls "roundabouts" are titled “rotaries” here in Massachusetts and I'm becoming a master of them rapidly.

6. Wednesday we taught the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” discussion to a girl in our ward who is preparing for baptism and it went well. A lighter with heat-disappearing ink pen wowed her and made for a good object lesson.

7. We had exchanged with the Portuguese speaking Elders and I went to their area. I found that my meager understanding of Spanish is useless with Portuguese and my ability to roll is equally useless.

8. I gave a short talk in Sacrament meeting on Elders Bednar’s conference address titled "Meek and Lowly of Heart". For those of you who know me and my propensity to turn crimson when public speaking, this one was all mixed up. I started red and lightened as the talk proceeded breaking from my normal white to red progression.

9. We found a snapping turtle. I'm not sure what to say about it other than his name is Peter and he isn't too fond of our poking sticks. Also, he is a big boy, probably 18-inch-long shell.

Love you All!

I would invite you to pray about who you know who you could share simple gospel principles and bear simple testimony of their truth.


Elder Zimmerman


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