May 14, 2018


Canton, Connecticut


Elder Shrader

Tender Mercies from tracting, Christlike attributes of Mothers and Stairway to Heaven

What do you call it when Batman skips church? Christian Bale

The last week has been a good one. With Elder Schrader’s toe and back sorted out, we found the diligence that had been temporarily put on hold and did a good bit of tracting. The tender mercy of the week happened as we wrapped up two hours of tracting in an especially fruitless neighborhood. One of our investigators, who we had just dropped the day before because he had been impossible to contact, gave us a call and scheduled with us for this upcoming week. On the same day we were prompted to visit a less active, who we haven't ever been able to catch at home, and we were able to give him our number and the church address.

In the last week, Connecticut has turned from bare branches in the sun to a canopy and a cacophony of green giving shade everywhere. We celebrated Mothers yesterday and as such got to video chat my family. Aside from the part where they mostly got a view of my forehead (I have a tendency to walk around while I talk to people) it was great. It was good to see my family and to hear their voices. I hope they didn't mind me asking if my motorcycle was safe and happy too much. ;)

Sorry I missed the letter his last week, and I’ll try and do better next week.

Oh, and to all those who know me back home and want to know how different I am, let’s just say that I woke up at 6 in the a.m. so that I could run 4 miles this morning. Okay, so running is a generous word to describe our pace, but one part of the trail is called the "Stairway to Heaven" or perhaps the "Stairway to breathlessness."

Did I mention that the members of this ward feed us well? As the language learning app I use says 'Barriga llena, corazón contento" Full stomach, Content Heart"

As I pondered my own mother in Sacrament meeting (and to anyone in the Canton ward who might read this I was not tearing up, I just had a very strong breath mint), I saw in her Christlike attributes in droves. Reflecting on that Chapter of PMG, I saw in bold writing Faith, Hope, Charity, Love, Virtue, Knowledge, Patience, Humility, Diligence and Obedience to our Father in Heaven written "not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart." (1 Corrinthians 3:3). Divine Nature is the best way to describe the character of mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!

That’s all for this week folks,

Elder Zimmerman

Oh, and I ate more wild turkey.


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