April 23, 2018


Canton, Connecticut


Elder Shrader

Motorcycle Distraction and the Power of the Scripture

This week has been teasing me.

This is the first thing I see when I go to leave for shopping this morning. (See picture of Elder Z pointing to 'Bike Life') Shortly after I heard a small flock of sport bikes zoom past on a parallel road.
People ask things like "Is it hard being away from family?" It’s not too bad but I happen to love those people. That said, they don't make me want to be 2900 miles away from where I am, twisting the throttle and leaning to into a corner. I think this is the feeling that a missionary would use the word "Trunky" to describe. Trunky; adj ; "experiencing longing to pack your trunks and do something that the white handbook says isn’t okay." See Missionary Handbook pg. 21 last paragraph. " Safety. Recreational activities should be safe. Never go swimming or take part in water sports. Avoid activities that may restrict your physical ability the rest of the week or cause injury. These activities include (but are not limited to) contact sports; winter sports; motorcycling; horseback riding; mountain or rock climbing; riding in private boats or airplanes; handling firearms, fireworks, or explosives of any kind; or similar activities."

That's my little Rant for today.

The sunshine, in addition to bringing out motorcycles to try and distract me from my calling, (Nice try Satan, but you can't distract me...was that an S1000rr?) has the benefit of brightening people and softening them to the people and messages that bring joy.

Sunday, we had a pretty standard set of meetings. Elders quorum was really good. The added years, I mean experience of the new patrons added to the discussion. As the teacher asked us to answer questions, we were able to have to company of the Spirit as we read the scriptures as a quorum. We went to a member’s home for dinner and they, thinking of their new missionary out, sent a picture of us to our mothers. We tried to contact a few Potential Investigators and we came home and digitized record till ten.

Saturday, we went to a baptism an hour away because Elder Schrader was one of the finding missionaries. It was a very good service. We had a late lunch with President and Sister Loveridge and then headed off to Bristol to do some knocking. We found several people who were interested and then as the read our tags it clicked that we were Mormons. They politely shoo'ed us off their porch like you do a friendly neighborhood dog. We did that for several hours and then when the time was coming nigh that I would enter into a state of “Hangry”, we hit Taco Bell. Since the east coast forgot that Taco Bell should be super cheap, the"5 buck box" is re-branded the "Cravings deal" and is grossly inflated to a unreasonable $6.59. As such I use the gift of agency - See Plan of Salvation Pamphlet glossary - picking only the best, and enjoyed my visit immensely.

Friday, we went about our normal shenanigans. We went to district meeting, did some solid tracting, set a few return appointments and headed off to an appointment with a recent convert. The lesson went well and we headed off to some potentials and then to a late dinner with a member. He invited us and another companionship out to dinner and we found out that he is a theology alumnus at Yale. He studies the Christian Bible through the eyes of the Jews who wrote it. Very interesting conversations. You can find his website at He is a recent convert whose study of theology led him to a truth he discovered though his own translations of the Bible that dismantled beliefs of mainstream Christianity.

Thursday, we did weekly planning and were able to more thoroughly determine the needs of our investigators. We had a lesson in the evening and finished the night by digitizing more records (will they never end?)

Wednesday, we were on Exchanges.
Here are the Highlights
-I can’t keep up with a body builder working out
-We tracted in Winsted and were able to deliver a Bible and Book of Mormon to a very sincere and God loving young man. We have a return appointment for some time next week.
-McDonalds is not good for your stomach
-We ran in to Peter, a very friendly often drunk man who frequents our wifi watering hole while we do records.

Tuesday was full of tracting and other missionary things. We capped the night with a dinner and a lesson with one of our focus investigators and we able to get to know him and his girlfriend and have a great lesson.

This last week we have been focusing on using the Scriptures to teach. As we have, we have seen a greater measure of the Spirit testify of truths and our personal testimonies have had the opportunity to be strengthened more along the way. The Scriptures, along with words of modern day Prophets, are our guide and our source of the Spirit that will lead to personal revelation and living the life our loving Father in heaven has for us.

Elder Zimmerman


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