March 26, 2018


Canton, Connecticut


Elder Shrader

Dayquil, sword play, and a Jamaican

This week was one for the books, or at least one for weekly emails.

Monday, we went about our normal basketball, cleaning and shopping. We had dinner with one of the members and we talked about missionary work and how we can encourage members to have missionary experiences, rather than tell them to give us people to teach. Then we tracted their neighborhood and found a surprising number of friendly people for the hour we were knocking.

Tuesday was comprised of 3 events and much needed additional 14 hours of sleep to get over a cold that refused to be "dayquilled" away in a week. We taught early morning seminary Monday morning about 3 Nephi 2-5. We read about how the leader of the Gaddianton Robbers wrote a letter to the leader of the Nephites and tried, with a silver tongue, to intimidate the righteous to submission. We talked to the kids about how they feel people try to flatter or coerce them into sin or submission of their freedoms. Then we went home and I slept like a rock until District Leadership Council, and then returned to sleep until about six when we went and taught two lessons and checked up on our investigators. Enter Nyquil, stage left, swooping in to the rescue.

Wednesday was occupied primarily by Zone Conference. A two-hour drive, we carpooled and got a ride with the Elders in the area next to ours. Our Zone Conference was occupied primarily by information about how to use smartphones effectively for missionary work. After the conference we came home and digitized old teaching records.

Thursday, we had interviews with the Mission President for the majority of the afternoon and we spent the evening contacting potentials and old investigators. We had dinner with a family that describes themselves as the circus of the ward. They perform in sword fights and other medieval festivals and are self-proclaimed super nerds. The mother recently broke her knee in a sword fight and managed to finish the fight before she rushed to the hospital! We then stopped by a half dozen less members of the ward and set up a few appointments.

Friday was jam packed. After our Morning Studies we headed to District meeting where we received a training on companionship unity in teaching. We then, with a dozen other missionaries helped the senior couple in our District Move and got it all nearly done in 3 hours. Then we tracted a neighborhood and Rushed off to Exchanges with the Goshen Elders.

Friday night Elder Chapman and I came back to the apartment and cooked a late-night snack before sleep took us.

Saturday, we went about our regular morning studies and we visited a few investigators before going off to lessons. We taught a very faithful Jamaican man the Plan of Salvation and we learned a little about his faith. Then after praying that the stranger who had called us a few nights before sounding very concerned wouldn't be a murderer, we ran off to a 3 o'clock with him and found him to be a very nice guy who the previous elders had done occasional Book of Mormon study with about a year ago. After that was a New Member lesson with our convert from February. Then we tracted and picked up another investigator. We had dinner then we took a few minutes before the exchange ended to skip rocks and checkout the Collins Axe Factory area of Downtown Collinsville. The area is beautiful and covered in old brick and stone buildings. We ended the exchange with a solid set of invitations for the betterment of one another.

Sunday was great! The talks, all centered on the atonement, reminded me that we can change who we are, not just what we do, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

That's all for this week
Read your Book of Mormon daily. It will buoy you up and invite the Light of Christ into your life.


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