March 19, 2018


Canton, Connecticut


Elder Shrader

Game week! 3-pointer, "clean the baseboards", snowball fights

Monday, we went about P-day activities as normal. I am getting better at this "ball" that everyone speaks of but only marginally. I scored a field goal from the 3-point line so that was a new accomplishment, I guess.

Tuesday was relatively uneventful as we got snowed in with a "Nor'Easter" again and were relegated to some fun games around the apartment like "Clean the baseboards" and dish towel whipping fights.

Wednesday, we spent most of the day tracting and ate dinner at "Wings Over Bristol" which is a really good wings place. After that, we stopped by a few members and scheduled appointments for the upcoming weeks. We finished off the night with a visit to our favorite investigator and his daughter. His name is B- and he is a Sales Manager for a roofing company. He sells door to door and we met because he let us in on 18-degree night. He told us that he starting to release songs on sound-cloud to get his rap career going. If you are curious he is BMP and his song is "Blame on me",

Oh yeah did I mention we got Smart phones? I think they will be a really good tool for reminders and for the Google maps application.

Thursday was the day we got our smart phones and started using them. Some of you may have seen my return to Facebook. I can communicate to y'all through Facebook on Monday only. We taught our ten-year-old investigator N- and found the root of her desires and concerns. She understands that baptism is an essential first step and we helped her understand that first she needs to develop regular church attendance before she can take that step. She finally came to Church today (after we bribed her with a snowball fight) and seemed to enjoy it.

Friday, we did weekly planning, and inputted a bunch of our investigators onto the cloud. We ate dinner with the N- family, tracted their surprisingly friendly neighborhood and passed out at 9:15 like every night this week.

Saturday, we went back to Bristol to hit the pavement and knock some doors. We found that word got out to the JW's that we have been working on a particularly big condo complex and we found their fliers jammed in the jam of many doors. We knocked anyways and worked to share our message to a large number of people surprised by our non-combative approach to God’s word. We picked up 2 investigators and set a return appointment with a Turkish woman, who when we attempted to pronounce her name she said, "very nice" and said "call me Sarah". Her she was shocked that we dropped to a squat to talk to and smile at her 3-year-old child with down syndrome. It really is a blessing to live in a country where special needs do not qualify someone for a life of being shunned. Throughout Saturday despite my best efforts to stay warm, I got chilled and after a nearly on topic lesson with a fellow in his 60's whose hobbies include marijuana and philosophy, retired to our apartment for a 45-minute shower nap and a fast pass to bed.

Sunday, I stayed alive and managed to smile at members, a task which I am proud to have accomplished. I was reminded this week that despite my endurance in work, I turn into a baby when I get sick

All in all, this week was really good and effective. We are building relationships with the ward and preparing our investigators to build their faith unto effective and lasting keeping and making of covenants.

Yours truly
Elder Zimmerman


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