March 12, 2018


Canton, Connecticut


Elder Shrader

Nor'easter, bathroom doors, lunch with the Dean

Monday March 5th
P-Day! We had a slow day and it was a nice break from rushing from place to place on P-day. We just cleaned the apartment till about mid-day, ate, played basketball for a bit and got to emailing. We had dinner with the M- family and really enjoyed their company. They have 3 kids and all are as sharp as a whip. We tracted a pretty affluent apartment complex and were given the tender mercy of only nice people, despite a lack of interest.

Tuesday March 6th
Tuesday was near 50 degrees and sunny and so we hit the tarmac. We did our morning routine and headed down to Bristol with pockets full of cards and bags full of Books of Mormon. We knocked over 200 doors, passed out 160 plus pass-long cards and picked up 3 investigators. The first was Crazy C-. We knocked into her on the third floor of a triple decker. She listened to The Message Of the Restoration and then told us a bunch of stories while we tried to set up a return appointment. She finally gave in and we set one up. She isn't promising, but we plan to give her our best shot at learning and growing a testimony. We knocked every house in a 4-block pattern and then started meandering and knocking one street at a time. We ran out of cards and decided that after 5 hours non stop we would take a 30-minute nap and hit dinner when we got home. So we did and decided to knock an entirely different neighborhood. We were guided to several houses, walking down the street we would try and knock any door that felt right. We planted a lot of seeds and set return appointments. We met D- and K-, a couple in their 50's who were very receptive. They said they were looking for the truth and that our message and the promise of the Book of Mormon was something they would seek to experience. They hardly stopped beaming from the second we started talking about Prophets until we walked out the door. Further proof that people see the light of Christ in his servants. We knocked another door that had a glass top so we could see up the stairs. I said, "I don't like bathrooms at the top of the stairs. It seems like you will get seen by people knocking on your door." Then a face popped out from around the edge of the bathroom door and started waving and shouting for us to go away. We laughed and laughed.

Wednesday March 7th
We planned to do a bunch of stop by's, and had several appointments that fell through because of the "Nor'easter" coming in. We went to Bristol and started tracting, had a really good meeting with a less active and set up an appointment to teach her boyfriend. By then end of a 20 minute visit, the rain had turned to snow and there was 3 inches standing on the road. We headed home-- due to the fact that the weatherman forecast near a foot-- and a foot of snow we received over the next 12 hours. By noon the next day the roads were clean and dry and the only snow was on the side.

Thursday March 8th
Thursday, we set out on the least fun 3 hours of the week, weekly planning. After that we had an awesome lesson with Sister A- and her granddaughter N-. We taught The Gospel Of Jesus Christ and it was incredible to see how effectively our member taught the relevance of the Gift of the Holy Ghost and the principal of repentance to a 10-year-old. After that we stopped by some potentials and had a few drop visits. Next, we headed off to dinner and had a really great lesson with some of my favorite members (read "missionaries love all members equally"). These members have a 3 and a half year-old who quotes passages from the New Testament. What makes their home one that we love so much is that they are relaxed, know we are imperfect, but still expect us to fulfill our calling as Missionaries. The second reason is that when the father begins his plainly and slowly worded testimony of anything, the spirit fills the room in the same way that the quorum of the seventy member did at stake conference this weekend. After that we stopped by several single older sisters in the ward. They weren't home so we shoveled their walks and driveways

Friday, March 9th
A really strange day, so I'll just summarize a few of the highlights
-District Meeting
-Taken out to lunch by the summer Dean of Harvard
-Moved a Baby Grand Piano
- Ate Dinner with Some Members

Saturday, March 10th
Saturday wasn't particularly remarkable but we had an awesome stake conference. We worked down in Bristol again and stopped by a bunch of people to set return appointments. We tracted and found a woman who didn't move her records and wants to. I am finding as we focus less on systems of effective tracting, and more on looking and seeing what looks right that we are being guided by the Holy Ghost and finding more and more prepared people.

Sunday March 11th
Daylight Savings? What?..... oh shoot!
Did I mention I am allowed to drive now? We got there on time.
All of the above statements are not connected.
Stake Conference was really cool and focused on the ability to receive personal revelation, the idea that all good things are of God, very much like the recognizing the spirit talk by Elder Bernard. If it is a good thing, it doesn't matter where it is from, just do it. We tracted a little more and visited a less active lady. She is very kind, but maybe related to crazy C-...

Yours Gratefully,
Elder Zimmerman


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