March 5, 2018


Canton, Connecticut


Elder Shrader

Idaho Companion, Power of Kindness, Praying for...

What a Week!!
I apologize for a short email again this week, I left my old planner at home, and I use it to jog my memory of the days but here are some highlights.

- I laminated some cool pictures of Noah onto my planner so when it starts to rain it will build a ship and.... wait, so it will hold up a little better than the paper cover.

- I have a new companion from Idaho and his family is from just a hop skip and jump away from where my mother’s family is from.

-We have only driven 10 more miles than we should have so far this month, so we are doing awesome!

We found 4 really cool people tracting:
- A 55-year-old balding man, standing 5'4" and probably 215 lbs., yelled with tears in his eyes and striking resemblance to a screaming toddler that "your Mormon religion is worthless" because Utah voted for Trump.
- We met a lady from a local church who invited us to come back because a member of our congregation is the organist at her church. That sister, Sister B has left a good taste in a lot of people's mouths about LDS people because of her kindness to everyone.
- J-, a 70-year-old man, who was saved by a vision. He is a hippie who has devoted much of his life to nondenominational Christianity because "Rules? God doesn't have rules, rules suck, screw rules". So that was a lapse in understanding
- Door number 438… Me: "Hello, we are missiona--". Him: " I don't have time, I have a pot on the oven and the phone is about to ring" [door shuts]

Other than that, we set up a few appointments and taught a family the restoration. K-, the skeptical mother, related to Joseph Smith and his question of what church to join. We invited them to read and pray as a family and will continue to teach them this upcoming week.

The ward is realizing that they don't have "hang out" missionaries anymore. They have started to involve us more and are looking for ways we can have meaningful missionary experiences with them.

We were also able to pick up D- as an investigator and I was really impressed as the Spirit testified of Elder Schrader's promise of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. In wake of this, I am specifically praying for a strengthened testimony of the Book of Mormon.

That’s all for this week I think.

Yours Truly,
Elder Zimmerman


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