February 26, 2018


Canton, Connecticut


Elder Rockhill

On Foot, Motorcycles, Three Grandmas and Exact Obedience

Tuesday, we found ourselves much like the Prophets of old, that is preaching repentance and the need of baptism… on foot. Once again, hopefully for the last time for a while, we were restricted from using our car. Lest readers find fault in my complaint of a penalty that is well deserved, please take note that the elders who were given the task of choosing an apartment when the last lease ran out decided that location wasn't important and left us about 50 minutes from either of our population centers and well out of our area. Thankfully on Tuesday, after giving a prayer and some quiet to let the spirit guide, we called up a member and got a ride down into Bristol. We spent most of the day tracting after we found that our lessons dropped out on us last minute and picked up an investigator while doing so. God blessed us. A funny thing happened while we were waiting on a corner for a member to pick us up. A car full of high schoolers, smelling suspiciously like marijuana, slowed down and asked, "You boys selling [yourselves]?" It made us chuckle after a long day of walking and closed doors.

Wednesday, we were once again following in the footsteps of our ancestors teaching on foot. Unable to secure a ride down to a string of appointments, we caught a bus down to Bristol and passed through 4 areas in our zone to get to our appointment. There was adventure to be had and we took it. The day was 75 degrees, in stark contrast to the previous day’s high of 38 degrees and the day two prior of 31 degrees. That said the sun was welcome as we visited a potential and picked her up as an investigator. Her name is N-- and she is an extremely faithful single mother. Her smile grew as the lesson progressed and the Spirit began to testify more frequently. We spent the rest of the day tracting and picked up a bunch of potential investigators. Oh, and I was graced by the sound of motorcycles as the day was sunny enough to draw them out of their garages.

Thursday, we spent most of the day in a meeting learning about how we will use technology in our mission and then we had an interview with the Mission President. By the time that was all over and we were back in our area, it was 6:30 and we only had time to drive to one meeting in Winstead and do a couple of member stop bys. We had a really good visit with a part member family and will start teaching an unbaptized youth there to prepare her for baptism.

Friday, we started exchanges after District meeting and we started the exchange off right by going to Chipotle for lunch. We did a few member stop bys before we headed off to a Chapel tour and a lesson. We had the opportunity to teach a 15-year-old piano prodigy "The message of the Restoration of The Gospel of Jesus Christ”. He is one talented musician, playing for us one of the highlight pieces of Beethoven's most esteemed student. The song was moving, compelling, my heart sped up and slowed down with it, drawing both sunny and cloudy days to my mind as his fingers danced and slid across the keys. The spirit was ushered in as he played a hymn and we started the lesson. He is investigating of his own desires and I am excited to hear about his growth. We had a lot of driving to do and we headed off to our dinner appointment. We ate with 3 old ladies and one of their husbands and they were just like a grandma is written up to be, not one of the mean east coast grandmas I keep running into. We had both our appointments call and cancel so we played cards with them and they seemed to enjoy taking the opportunity to play "make the new missionary red", a very fun game, or so they tell me *chuckles*.

Saturday, we went and did service for some elderly couples in the ward and then visited a bunch of investigators to set return appointments. Right before our dinner appointment we met with and gave a blessing to an investigator who is to be baptized next week. He has awesome faith and recognizes the history backing up the Book of Mormon as well as his personal testimony. After a dinner with a lovely, slightly insane, sister at a Mexican restaurant we headed off to our respective apartments.

Sunday was a fantastic sacrament meeting and subsequent lessons. As I thought about how I could make my personal studies in the morning more fulfilling, the answer came again to be more diligent in my morning routine pertaining to exercise. Becoming more exact in my obedience has already brought me a greater measure of the Spirit. We spent Sunday dinner at the Bishop's home and then stopped by a few members so my companion could get a picture with them.

Oh, did I mention Elder Rockhill will be transferring to Waterford, Connecticut and I will spend the next 6 weeks with Elder Schrader.

I will leave with a scripture and a Brief Testimony.
1 Corinthians 13:11 11
“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

I bear testimony of the healing power of the atonement. As I seek to more fully use the atonement and repent (change to be more like Christ), I can feel my spiritual sensitivity grow, my callused senses to the world are restored to soft skin, I am more ready to love those I meet and ready to turn away from the crude and crass. By taking to prayer and fasting and having faith that in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ (that through it we can be healed, enabled, cleansed), we can be repaired of all tears in our heart. I know that Jesus Christ is my only way to be whole, to have full and lasting joy and that through faith in Him we can be lifted up to more than we are. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Zimmerman


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