February 20, 2018


Canton, Connecticut


Elder Rockhill

Letting the Atonement Change Us

Last Monday we had to opportunity to take P day a little slow and just kind of meandered around and did some street contacting. In the evening we got to teach our favorite 9-year-old The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Teaching a child is a really good reminder just how simple the basis of the gospel is: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End.

Tuesday, we had the opportunity to do a lot of tracting and found a few really solid potential investigators. We had 3 lessons stand us up and we filled in the time doing more of the same. The opportunity to be guided by the spirit in as simple of a way as a fork in the road is a really neat experience.

Wednesday, we spent at my "Congrats you made it one month talk about how hard it is” meeting. It was an opportunity to be grateful for the preparation I received with time and experiences and for the perspective I've been given. We had a training about repentance and letting the atonement change us. Then on the way back we listened to a Jeffery R Holland talk based around the Saviors admonishment to "Remember Lot’s wife". It was a reminder that full use of the atonement allows us to not only stop making mistakes but stop being the person who makes those mistakes repeatedly. It is by the Savior’s Grace we may grow and learn. We had dinner with a member and that was really cool. I sometimes forget how easy it is it identify an engineer.

The library is gonna kick me off the computer in a minute here so I’ll just say that Elder Rockhill was sick and we had a lot of appointments drop out on us last minute. This was frustrating, but as we turned in prayer for soft hearts and for more opportunities to serve, we were given them.

Love you all,
Elder Zimmerman


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