February 5, 2018


Canton, Connecticut


Elder Rockhill

Lady Hands, Mexican Food and a Loving God

Monday night: After P-day Ended at 6:00 we had dinner with a member whose son leaves on a mission on the 13th to Sweden. We pretty much just got interrogated and I had flashbacks to being on the other side. Then we went and taught our investigator who is getting baptized on the 10th. We taught Follow the Prophet. While testifying I realized how fitting a blessing it is from a living and loving God to fit a living and loving Prophet at the head of his church.

Tuesday was brutally cold and we spent most of the day tracking. We visited a few members throughout our area and we had a couple of pretty meaningful interactions. Before the ward was formed, the branch met about a 30-minute drive from the meeting house. About a decade ago the Canton ward was formed and those without transit became inactive. One of the people we stopped by was T. G. Expecting an older woman, I went blank faced and started a typical non-member door approach when a man who filled the entire door answered. He was a very kind and humble man, but I mean he filled the door top and sides. It isn't every day I feel like I have lady hands compared to someone.

Wednesday was the day that the car coordinator determined would be the best day for us to not drive as a repercussion of driving more than we should have. This was fair and good and all but we had 3 appointments in a town that was a 40-minute drive away and they ended at about 8:30. We managed to secure a ride to and from this city and planned to walk between appointment. About 20 minutes after we got there, we got word that all three appointments were cancelled and we decided to make the best of it. After a prayer and an examination of the ward directory, we visited a few homes. We eventually decided to tract up the other side of the valley. We tracted for a good bit and eventually were let in by a 26-year-old door to door roof salesman who said it was too cold for us to be out. B_ is a single father who is recently separated from his baby mama and has a three-year-old daughter. He talked about he has become a better person since his daughter was born and the way his eyes lit up when he talked was beautiful. We talked about mostly how we have a loving God who is our Father in Heaven and likened that love to him. We hope to teach him again soon! God blessed us with opportunities to serve and teach as we proved our diligence and dedication.

Thursday was a very successful feeling day as a missionary. We have been teaching a ten-year-old girl for about 9 weeks and the difficulty has been getting her to church. We taught about prayer and brought a young father from the ward as out fellowshipper. He taught very well and we gave her a "Book of Mormon Stories" book. She read 4 chapters while we were there and it was great! She committed to come to church, but her grandma had back issues on Sunday so hopefully next week!

Friday, we did a lot of planning and tying up loose ends, none of which were noteworthy.

Saturday, we did exchanges with the Spanish speaking Zone Leaders and needless to say it was a long day. At one point my companion for the day translated my testimony to Spanish but that was near the extent of the talking I did. That said it was a good reminder that I have two ears and one mouth, so my mouth has to work twice as hard, I mean.... yeah. In all I feel really blessed to have good leaders who want to help us learn. Oh, and wow have I missed Mexican food!

Sunday was a hard day, my body decided not to wake up and I was there mentally for less of it than I would have liked. We taught a really good lesson on tithing and it was really cool to hear a non-member’s surprise that we don't pay our church leaders. The organization of the church is inspired and efficient. We ate dinner with some members last night and a missionary who served here 7 years ago and it was really good. It was kind of cool to meet the Elder of whom I had read records of so much.

Oh well that's all for this week

Elder Zimmerman


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