January 29, 2018


Canton, Connecticut


Elder Rockhill


Dear friends and family,
A lot has happened since last week, in fact 7 days’ worth of things.
Exchanges. Me and an elder new to the area somehow got put together in an area roughly 25 by 40 miles with our dinner at the farthest possible point. We had a great day tracting in the country where the grumpy people were made up for by the beautiful day. Old ladies out East aren't like they are back home. These ones are really pretty loud and mean in my experience thus far, oh well. We drove 100 miles and ended up out of state for a few minutes (oops, it was the gps’ fault). The really cool thing of the day was a member stopped us in the parking lot and told us to go visit an older lady in a retirement home (she was nice). She said she was very happy to see us as her home teachers were out of town and hadn't seen her in a while.
Last Wednesday we attended a zone conference for most of the day. The big take away was that prayer is talking to our Heavenly Father, not calling one of the guys, and that as such we should, when possible, give both time and complete focus of mind; taking a minute to prepare to talk, to be guided by the spirit, and to answer. The last week my prayers have become a more personal and more meaningful experience as I have striven to make sure I was awake, at peace, and had more to say than a list of “gimmies". Tuesday night also reminded me just how small of a world it is. We had dinner at a member’s home, a young couple living with in-laws. We found that the husband’s family is close friends with the owner of the roofing outfit that I worked for out of North Idaho, and that several years ago, he worked for them himself. It was funny and pretty cool to talk to someone who knew the area and the people who I loved.
We met with our investigator who has a Baptismal date for February tenth and had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom and a refresher on the importance and application of faith. D___ is awesome and has already seen the blessings of joy that reading The Book of Mormon daily and praying are bringing to his life. His faith is growing so fast and it is really cool to help him discover, through the scriptures, how to act on that faith. We are teaching a 9-year-old, from an active family, the lessons to help her prepare for and understand baptism. It’s really educational for Elder Rockhill and I to focus on teaching simple. As we distill gospel truths we understand them better and their significance, as well as the hand of God, is easier to see.
Friday was a day of planning and tracting, looking for member referrals and teaching. The Activity Days Leader asked us to visit a family that was newly on her roster so we did, after a few 'new kid' moves (I forgot my planner at a lesson) and a night that didn't stay on schedule, we knocked the door. The family just finished dinner and was very kind to invite us in, an inactive mother and nonmember father and two daughters were there. We shared a message about Christ healing the Nephites before he ascended back to heaven and then bore our testimonies of the healing power of the atonement and of the companionship of our eldest brother Jesus Christ. By the end we found that one of the daughters has been wanting to be baptized. We found that the father is working 3 jobs and is having a hard time. As we bore testimony of the Savior being with us and understanding us, he broke into tears. At the end of the lesson he asked for a Book of Mormon and invited us back soon. We are very excited to help bring further joy and support into this family's life.
We met a lot of very willing investigators Saturday while tracting. After a morning of district coordination, we met an 80-year-old woman who doesn't like that the Catholic church is inconsistent by location. We were able to share a message and it was evident she felt the spirit. We also met a 23 year old who let us in almost no questions asked and listened through the message of the restoration, hopefully we can meet with him again this week.
The day of rest, until 3:30 when we are back to work. We had an interesting set of people who talked to us as we chased down some member referrals and some old potential investigators. I talked to a "60-year-old UCLA educated professional" who " wasn't going to just suspend logic to have faith". All in all that conversation with R_ went well as I found he was an atheist looking to bible bash. Then I made concessions that I didn't know everything but that I knew what was important and gave a short message of the restoration. I have always been told but never realized how true it is, reasonable people cannot argue with a testimony. His relaxing as I shared the First Vision told me he felt at least a little of the Spirit. I don't think he will be baptized any time soon but he left with a good taste in his mouth about us saying "well I appreciate your time and that I finally met some honest and reasonable Christians".
All in all this was kind of a weird week, but it was an opportunity to build my faith in the Lord’s preparing of people for the gospel. I love you all and would encourage you all to ponder how you will make your conversations with your Father more reverent, and more meaningful as you receive personal revelation through prayer.
Elder Zimmerman


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