January 9, 2018


Provo Missionary Training Center


Elder Ethan Aure

Week Three ~ One New Me

Five teachers, four weeks, three departing districts, two different classrooms and one new me will sum up my irregular schedule at the MTC. The days are getting longer and the week shorter so I think that's good.

I have been really patient with the high school social order here, a lot of kids with a lot to try and prove so that's pretty funny. I finally "Wrassled" (wrestled) one who really liked pushing around a kid who was like 100 lbs less than him and I got pretty tired of it. It just took a second for him to realize he's nothing special, nor am I, and that you should just leave people alone. We spent some time together afterward and I think it was actually a pretty good thing for him to learn. We get along much better now and I was sad to see him go.

I am now about 3.5% through the topical guide references about Jesus Christ and the weight and power of the mantle of Christ's ‘Saviorhood’ is beginning to sink in. I feel that by the end of this I will have a testimony of Christ like I haven't before.

We finished teaching the scary Russian investigator and that was good. He taught me that it’s not with my confidence that I teach or carry myself, it is with my testimony and as a representative of Jesus Christ that I teach and carry myself.

I am beginning to really love my district and it will be hard to say bye to these guys next week. We got two new investigators, one fell asleep and one is really talkative. We invited to baptism on the first lesson contingent on developing faith in the Book of Mormon and after some explaining the investigators agreed.

I wear wool socks every day so it’s nice to have that consistency in my life.

I am splitting my personal study time between Jesus Christ's topical guide references, Book of Mormon, and lesson prep of Preach My Gospel.

Love you all,
Elder Zimmerman


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