December 30, 2017


Provo Missionary Training Center


Elder Ethan Aure

Week One ~ Cheerfully

Okay so it’s been five and a half days really. The MTC has been awesome, I’m here till the 16th. My companion is Elder Aure (pronounced arie). I am remembering that Utah forgot to have oxygen or moisture. I’m in a district of 13 including 4 sisters. I’m the oldest by a year and most of these kids are fresh out of high school.

For Christmas we had Neil L. Anderson as our speaker, he focused on the idea that Christ is with us as he was in the pre-existence and will be with us after this world. He shared a quote that gave gravity to missionary work that was rather pleasing. “you can count the seeds in an apple but you can’t count the apples in a seed”.

The Christmas performance was David Archuletta and Madison Page. I refer to Johnny Cash as singing with a voice made of molasses and gravel, along the same lines I swear silk came out of Archuletta's mouth. We watched “A Dollar for Christmas” and an older version of the Christmas Carol. I was shocked to find Andrew Zimmerman wasn’t enjoying it because Elder Zimmerman wanted to read his scriptures, so that’s kinda a funny adjustment. It’s funny watching movies, most of these elders are trying to live romance vicariously through them.

I was in the MTC choir, and we sang “Where Shepherds Lately Knelt” it’s beautiful and I find myself whistling it. I recommend looking up the lyrics, now that I write I don’t remember a single one but they invite a personal view of our Savior. I think that’s pretty much all folks.

Thanks for the messages and love,

Cheerfully( lol who says that)
Elder Zimmerman


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