September 3, 2018




Elder Dionizio

Where did August go?

Hello MOTHER!!

well im just gonna answer you and im out of here for the day... im sending the pics on my drive right now!

So elder Scott. He is actually really good to me and i always give him a big hug. and then he always tells me how much he misses me! He really was a fun dude! he is going to BYU in 2020 so you guys will probably get to meet him one day lol! He is going home around christmas.

i have so much to say about it that i dont know what to say but it was defiently a once in a life time opportunity and something i will never forget! OH and another thing... Elder soares wifes parents are in my ward! her mom was baptised 6 months ago but her dad still isnt baptised! i guys his pretty stubburn but hes there at church every week! pretty crazy!

HAHA we did not hug... it was actually really weird but it was fine. i was litterally walking in and SHE stood up so fast and came running over too me! we talked for a bit but then we had to go sit down and wait lol. But then we got the pic after and talked a little bit more but it wasnt much! I still am in shock that she is home!

So district leader is fun but it just gives you more work. So i take the numbers every night and pass them to the zone leader and they ask SO many questions its kind of annoying but oh well. Then yes i do Baptism interviews and also i run the District meeting that we have every week! So basically i am incharge of 8 other missionarys hehe! pretty fun right? but if you have questions just ask dad... he knows.

I guess we will see if i serve in the office again but i dont think so! usually those guys stay there for there whole mission lol.

I honestly love brasil mom and i hope we all get to come back here one day! I am going to miss the food SO much i already know it. Im just gonna have to learn how to cook it all for when i get home hehehe! But i love brasil mom... I am just happy that i can talk now because that was so hard. But now that i can talk and actually get to know people, MOM it is amazing! This area is kind of hard because everybody is always working and is super busy. Everybody is rich but there is alot of rich members too and our lunches are SO good haha!

I love you mom and I hope you have a great week! oh and i bought the havianns for me lol... i will buy you guys some when im heading home in a year lol. And im glad you got to hang out with corey this week! Man i miss that dude! Have you seen kaderz in a while? i miss that dude too!



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