May 28, 2018




Elder Portela

What up Fam

hello yall! so tomorrow i get to go to the temple!! can i get a WOOT WOOT!! im so pumped and i am loving life with my new comp! the dude is awesome... like literally his dream is to live in the united states one day! hahaha its awesome but this rioting stuff is crazy... alot of the grocery stores are running out of food hahah but good thing me and my comp stacked up on some grub. oh and that cup... thats what i drink me Tereré out of. its a bull horn and its freaking awesome hahaha!

so this week we were tracting in one of the favelas and there was a bunch of kids playing soccer! so me and my comp started talking to them and all of them had so many questions for me hahaha its was so funny! were gonna head back there this week and try teaching there families but the kids were all excited when we started talking about baptism it was so cool!

one thing that our president challenged us to focus on is the less active members so this week our Ward mission leader got us a list of our ward and there are 350 families there and our ward only has maybe 90 members every week so we got some work to do haha! we have 3 family nights all lined up this week with some less active families and with geovani and joyce and BOY im i excited for saturday! this last month we really have been trying to get geovani to get baptised and he really hasnt wanted anything to do with it. but this week has been amazing to see how peop0le can change and to never give up on anybody. every body has there own time and place for thngs in life. it may not be when we want it to happen but its when god wants it to happen and we need to always remeber that!

I love you all and i hope you have a great week!!



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