April 18, 2018




Elder Scott

Hello y’all

man guys ill be honest, i thought i was gonna stay in americanoplis for awhile. but i guess not! honestly that ward was awesome and im so glad i got the opportunity to serve there for a little bit but i really im excited about my new area! i guess its still favala and my new comp is awesome! scott thinks that i will train after the next transfer which is only 5 weeks im not sure why! i dont think im ready for that but i guess we will see! we also have a mission tour next week! we have the area 70 coming and talking to us so that should be awesome!

So last night. we didnt get the call till about 12 oclock last night! i was honeslty in shock last night and i couldnt sleep so i started packing! it was about 1 when i started feeling sleepy haha! then this morning i finished packing, ate some breakfast and now im here lol! after this scott wants to go visit some people and at 2 we will both be leaving! hes going to the other side of the mission so i dont know when i will see him again! so on the map our mission looks tiny right? but no its actually really big hahaha, it literally still blows my mind how many people live here!

I cant wait to send you guys pics of my new comp and house and everything and im even more excited to talk to yall in 4 WEEKS WHAT! thats going to go by so fast! and DAD its your b day sunday! WAHOOOOO!

one thing im really sad about leaving is leaving my buddy ´´batata´´ (patrick)
The kid is awesome! hes 12 years old and hes had a really hard life. his mom does drugs and drinks and is pretty crazy and i guess his sister is in some kind of house. i didnt understand it all but hes dad is super busy with work so thats why he lives with his grandma. we were talking to him about the gospel and he had all these questions and then he started talking about his family life and started crying! it was so sad but then we taught him how the gospel can bring you happiness and he looked at us and was like´´ i need to get baptised´´ the spirit was so strong! it was aweosme! he calls me america and we had a sweet handshake and he also said he wanted me to baptise him so im sad about that but guess who is going to americanoplis now... elder Bledsoe! so awesome and i know that he will take care of my friend!

i hope the weather starts getting better so you guys can have some fun and play some ball! you guys are amazing, keeping reading the scriptures and making good choices. life is all about choices. you dont ever stop making choices. thats apart of the plan, the plan our heavenly father made for us! keep making good choices and being the great people that you are! i love you all SO much and cant wait to talk to you in a couple weeks!


Elder Bingham


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