April 11, 2017


Rio Ceballos


Elder Espinola

Alma Fuerte is DEAD!

well, I shouldnt say that it is dead, but, it is done in my time as a missionary, it has been worked by me, I will not be returning. Thus you all know that I am now in a new area! Transfers came up the past saturday and informed me and my compañero that we were both leaving alma fuerte... It was a bit sad and schocking at first, being that they were going to blank alma fuerte and start again. We hadnt been having too much success there as far as progressing investigators, but we did have a good time and worked as hard as we could. IN the end I think that it will be good for me to end the mission in my new area since... well, it is pretty much the prettiest, nicest, richest place that I have seen on my mission! This new area is called Rio Ceballos, and my new comps name is Elder Espinola from Paraguay (I finally get to be with another latino!)

So what I have seen from this new area is that it is a very touristic place to be and for good reason it is called such. The city is in a vally (a lot of hills 😥) but there is also a small creek that runs through the city and a lake at one end. The members here, from what I have been told, are really good, and there are some progressing investigators here as well. My new comp loves to play futball, was in the army before, and is from paraguay! he is still pretty young in the mission, only 7 months, but I am very excited to work with him and refine my spanish before I have to go home. This will most likely be my last area!!

Last week was a lot like the past couple of weeks, being that there wernt too many people home when we went by and not too many progressing investigators that we found again. Although, we did have the chance to talk to carlos again last week, and he is going through a rough time right now an I would haved loved to help him through the gospel, but then we got the call that we were moving... I am sad to have left everyone in alma fuerte, but I gues that the lord needs me no end the mission somewhere else!

We got the call for trasfers on saturday night and pretty much spent the rest of the time we had in alma fuerte getting ready to leave... So we didnt get much of a chance to work the rest of the week... but now I am here in this new area and I hope that I am able to find so good work to do while I am here. ill keep you all updated with everything going on in the next couple of weeks and just keep in mind, im home in 3 months :)

Love and miss you all!


Elder Z


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