April 4, 2017


Alma Fuerte


Elder Crotts

Generaly Conferenced (is that a word?)

Unfortunatly my Companion has been awefully sick today and p day hasnt been as fun as it usually is... but I am glad that he is well enough to acompany me probably one last time to cyber to be able to write all you great wonderful people (well, most of you ;) ) But yeah, sucks to be sick, I know how he feels, even for me this week I have felt my heartburn acting up. We had to do a lot of traveling last week, so as a result I havent been eating the best that I should. Lots of Empanadas and Lomitos and stuff like that probably isnt the best for the stomach (but it is so tasty!) Other than that little illness problem that we are having, we are taking advantage of our last week that we have together, Elder Crotts and I, to work here in alma fuerte as much as we can! The conferences were really good, but it is always better to just act!

Last wednesday we ended up staying in Rio tercero to help the elders out there in their area, and we did a splash with them. We split off for the day and got a lot of work done despite not much time. We ended up finding a couple of families for them to teach and they have some good stuff going for them. It gave me a chance to get to know some of the elders there a bit better. Though we hang out with them just about every single P day, it is better when you have some one on one time with someone to be able to get to know them.

After wednesday, we didnt have that much time to work in our area the next two days... I had to do informes for the mission (since transfers are this saturday) and also we had to travel on friday. It is pretty unfortunate that we had to travel and the fact that we didnt get to work that much in our area, but we pretty much have this entire week to get some good stuff done.

Saturday morning we started off the day with a zone meeting in rio cuarto. I am getting to the point where i sit in the zone conferences and meetings, and I think, I already know this stuff, im doing this already! Of course I realize that The younger generations need it, but I try to listen and learn stuff, but nothing new comes to me! I just try to reapply the stuff ive learned again in the day to day work... They are telling me this stuff for something!
Conference was good for me. I had a couple of questions to do with the Spirit, also what on earth am I going to do with my life in 3 months, and other stuff. It turns out that it was my last conference in the mission. above all, there is a lot of good stuff that I can still use in the mission, more than what I am planning for afterwards. I cant wait to be able to read and study the talks again. I am truly grateful for modern day revelation!

So yeah, this week are transfers, I hit the 3 months left mark tomorrow (from what I can tell, my return day is the 5th of July) it is going to be a fast couple of months till I am back, and I cant wait to be back with you all. In the meantime, I pray that Ill stay focused and be able to enjoy the rest of the mission the way the Lord intends it to end!

Love you all!


Elder Z


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