March 21, 2017


Alma Fuerte


Elder Crotts


One thing that I can appreciate after so long of hot blistering weather is walking out in the mornings to fogged windows and the need of a jacket. WINTER is finally on its way! At least, I hope it is. I thought the same things a couple of weeks ago when the weather chilled a bit, but looking at the weather here, we have so colder weather on its way. Yesterday I actually had to wear a jacket the entire day it was cold enough! More than that, we have been having a good time here in alma fuerte and we are acctually seeing some good things happen here. Despite the impending July return date, I am seeing the days fly by quicker and quicker!

So we got back here to alma fuerte about midnight last tuesday, and that started out our intercambio with one of the zone leaders elder Kent. we actually had a really good time together and we found a ton of new people to teach! Being with elder Crotts is a blast, but he is still a bit new so it is a lot of talking on my part. But with the zone leader we worked together and it gave me a chance to rest a bit. We got a lot of good work done the 2 days we were together, but we switched back to our comps on friday.

Elder Crotts got a package from his home last week, and one of the items that he recieved was a remote that, when you press down a button, sends out a high pitched sound that dogs can hear that lets them know that we are there. In the past couple days, it has been a great protecion for us from dogs! it really works! The dogs here are actually very calm and a lot of them know who we are and come up to us to say hi when we pass by. ill have to send pictures of them one day.

The past couple of days working here has really helped me realize how much I still dont know about being a missionary. The zone leader that I was with only has 14 months in the mission, but while we were together he showed me a lot of things that I could improve on. It is amazing how much clearer a lot of doctrine is, the way the Lord wants me to do things. (20 months later and I am finally figuring out this stuff!)

We have a couple of people that could start progressing more rapidly soon. (We are trying to get them to progress, but school and work here have started again, and it is a matter of finding these people again!) One named Carlos, another sebastian, juliana, Alejandro. I suppose those are a few names, but they mean a lot to me!

Well, I hope that things have been awesome back home, wiinters bite starting to thaw away. From what I know, I am pretty sure that I have about 3 months and 2 weeks left in the mission. (rough estimate from the keyboard) but everytime I look at the calender, the more I wish that I could have a little more time in this wonderful place!

Love you all!


ELder Z


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