March 7, 2017


Alma Fuerte


Elder Crotts

My legs hurt!

Although it is a new transfer, new week, new month, we went into last week with a lot of hope, especially from all the success that we had the week before. well, the majority of the week was spent trying to see who from this group of people that we had found was going to progress. As a result we walked. Alot. I should be used to it by now but I guess that is how things go sometimes! I dont think that Ill be used to walking untill I remember how little ill get to walk when I get back! (the most im going to walk for a month after the mission is to the kitchen and back!) So sure, we walked a lot and alot of people werent home, but we did have a couple little success that give me hope for a good transfer.

I suppose that we have one in specific that I am excited about (investigator) named Sebastian that we found about 2 weeks ago. He has listened to the missionaries before and didnt progress because of a couple of doubts that he had of the book of mormon. When we passed by him the other week we were able to resolve a couple of doubts that he had and convinced him that if he wanted to know if the book of mormon was true or not, he had to read and pray about it. we went back a couple days ago to verify and though he couldnt meet with us in the moment, he said that he had read, and really wanted to talk to us. so I am very hopeful and optamistic about him!

My comp and I are trying to find more ways to have fun in our small town setting. every other friday we go to the other elders area to play soccer with them, but that is getting out of our area. we are starting to try the local food joints out though. One place offers a type of food here called lomitos. it is like a sub, but a lot stronger, with a type of beef called lomo. (pretty much the hump of the cow, but it is delicious!!!)

So, 2 days ago a couple of things happened. One, I reached the 4 month left in the mission mark. Yes, the 5 of march I have less than a third of a year left! but that is the less important thing that happened. The same day I finished reading through the book of mormon again. part of the mission goal that we had was to read the book of mormon from january to the 5th of march (then go into the other standard works) But the more I read the book of mormon and compare the words of the profets of old, I realize how much their words were ment for us! So many people look for a light in the darkness in the world these days, but put off faith in God because ´´God has ceased to work miracles´´. I am glad to know for certain that this cant be true, because I see miracles every day. How else could I have known that if it werent for my faith. as the scriptures say, God cannot work miracles among men if they do not have faith in Him.

Anyways, I hope my letters arent getting boreing as the end of the mission roles around. (just kidding! I still lack a lot of time!) I love and miss you all and I hope that the weather is getting better! (more sun, less snow)


Elder Z


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