March 1, 2017


Alma Fuerte


Elder Crotts

Forget about it!

My legs hurt, im tierd, slept a ton already today. Really, I took a nap that lasted a good 3 hours today! it was awesome! I guess it is all a result of the work that we did last week, and we did a lot thanks to a couple of little changes. I did mention last week that we had come up with a lot of new ideas for finding new investigators. So, as a result of applying those ideas, we were able to find a lot of new people to teach, more than any of the past weeks. Along with that, we also had transfers this past week, and for the first time in a while, I get to stay in my area with my comp! so, pretty much, no changes there, but it is alright. We get along really well, my comp and I, so I dont have any problems.

I guess that I am just a lot happier because i am starting to see the blessing that come from forgeting yourself more and more and serving others. I guess more in my case was making sure that I forget myself and remembering God more than anything. I guess that a lot of missionaries make the mistake of getting to an area that isnt progressing and say to themselves, I can change this area! I can make the difference! and in reality, they, alone, cannot do anything! Realizing that means that we sacrifice what we want to do and start doing what God wants us to do. we look to him as we act instead of acting and then looking to him. It is good to want to get an area to improve, with more members and activity in the church, but one has to seek what God wants to happen first, looking for inspiration, and then acting on that revelation. Shouldnt we do what God wants us to do? and how do we know what he wants unless we pray in humility to know what that is?

Anyways, that was my lesson learned over the past 2 weeks, but, moving on :) So yesterday was my comps birthday. We didnt do much for his birthday but work, but we did have a little asado with the branch president at night and had a little noche de hogar. I gave my comp one of my favorite ties though! he was begging me for it the past couple of weeks so I had to give it to him... all with love and charity, so it is a good gift :)

So i havent uploaded many photos, and as it turns out, the photos that I have taken since the last time I uploaded seem to be corrupted... and I dont know why! might me just that the camara is getting worn out, i dont know, but I am sorry If I cant get any photos to yall before the end of the mission :(

well, I hope that all of you are doing great ( even those traveling in forgein countries!) and I hope that the weather is improving! the weather here is going to drop during the week, so I hope that it is a change that is going to stay! (a nice 25 degrees celcius all week long!)


Elder Z


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