February 21, 2017


Alma Fuerte


Elder Crotts

ending the transfer.

another week has gone by, and though we havent seen much success on the missionary work part, at least I have learned a little bit more to how I am supposed to work. (look at me! 19 months in the mission and I am still learning stuff!) so yeah, we are still trying to see some stuff happen here in the area, but it is a nice strong catholic town so many people arent even willing to listen to us. Ive decided not to let that get to me anymore, besides, im here to preach the restored gospel, and if people get baptized, that is an added benifit! But i am starting to get used to my new area (even if it isnt that new anymore...) and in good timing since next week are transfers, so I might even be getting a new companion.

This week we had a lot of highs and lows. The familia Mesa dropped us since they dont want any problems with their catholic family. We found a really cool family with an inactive member the same day that dropped us the next visit. But at the same time, we found some people that have some potential to progress! We stopped by an old investigator and found out that he had never read the BOM because the spirit never told him to read it. after explaning to him that we have to act sometimes for the spirit to testify to us if something is true, it will then testify to us. The Man then realized his mistake and accepted to at least read a part in the book of mormon before we visit him again in a couple days. Little stuff like that, helping people get to know how God works is something I love to do.

On wednesday we got to go work with our zone leaders. we went out to work with an Elder Dow, who is actually in my group! we talked a little bit about the mission and how so soon it is coming to an end! I also saw all what he had to do as a zone leader and just assumed that it was better that I havent recived that kind of responsibilities quite yet... it was a fun a successful day!

We decidedl, me and my comp, on sunday night to do a planning session on how to find new investigators. We dont have very many progressing so we thought it a good idea to let the lord guide us to know what we could do to find new people to teach. We came up with a rather big list of things to do, and we are going to be applying them all this next week. i am hoping that it will do good for us and for all the people that we will be meeting in the next couple of days!

That is all I have for now I guess... Ill try to have more interesing stuff in the week to come. Thanks for all the letters and words of support that you all send me every week, and try not to make me too trunky before the end of the mission :)


Elder Z


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