February 14, 2017


Alma Fuerte


Elder Crotts

The Lake is a problem

Being in a little tourist town isnt the best thing that a missionary could ask for. I mean, it is nice that we have plenty to do on P day, and there are plenty of places we can go to eat, but then what about the rest of the week?? As it turns out, a lot of people here tend to spend their entire day and vacations on the beach at the lake that is here. Even though this week it was actually cooler outside, we still had a big problem finding some of our investigators. Im starting to get used to it, but we need to find some people that dont spend their days in the sand or in the water. It isnt like we can go to the lake and try to teach people there... for, obvious reasons... so yeah. I mean, it would be a great way of finding people, but i dont think Presidente Correa would approve.

More than that though, we are seeing some small progress with one of our investigators, Nico, who is finally starting to read the book of mormon on his own. I have started to notice more and more the importance of getting investigators to gain their testimonies before they are baptized. I have heard that there is a big problem of inactivation here in south america, and I suppose we can help prevent that by means of making sure that investigators have testimonies more sure and stronger. Nico is starting down that path now, so I hope in the next couple of weeks he can make it to baptism!

Yesterday we were walking to lunch, and on the way to this members home, we usually pass a horse that is tied up to a post next to a canal. Yesterday though, that horse wasnt there! so, we decided to look down the canal a little bit more to see if they had moved the horse. As we moved down the canal, we saw the horse, and at first my comp said it was just laying down. Unfortunalty, its legs were stiff and straight, and it was dead... it was kinda sad, but now I can say that I have seen a dead horse on the mission! yeah!

With our other investigators we havent been able to visit them so we havent seen much progress in them... We are still trying to find new people to teach, but it is a slow process here. Im not letting it get me down, I just have to work hard enough right? with enough faith and work, He can change things here if it is His will.

Being district leader has been helping me learn how to communicate with other people, how to talk with them, how to look at a persons needs and know how to help them in their situations. I may not have too many more chances to be a leader after the mission, but I hope that the experiences that I am having now help me in the future conquer future chanllenges.

Not much else for now, but I am writing a little early, I will be on later today to write everyone a little more individually for those who wrote me. Love you all and hope that the weather is warming up back home!


Elder Z


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