February 7, 2017


Alma Fuerte


Elder Crotts

Moving about, resolving doubts

Unfortunatly the majority of the past week was spent in the confines of a long bus ride too and from cordoba, as long as a nice long trip down to Rio Cuarto for a zone meeting and thus we spent a long time traveling this week. I think of it as a nice break since this area I am in requires a lot of work right? jajaja I would have liked to be working most of the week, but sometimes you got to do what the Mission need you to do! At the same time, it wasnt all bad. We were able to get some good work done in the little bit of time that we had. We found a lot of people that we have been working with, and there are a could new people that are starting to progress! all the the letter below!

We have been continuing to work with our new investigators Alfredo and Victoria. Though we have only been able to go back to visit them one other time, but they have been reading what we left with them, and they have a lot of potential to keep progressing. They are the little bit of diamond in a great big pit of coal. I guess that is how it is in every mission. Not everywhere needs to be a big mountain of gold for me to be satisfied with the work that I am doing.

With my own spiritual progess, I feel like I have been making some small baby steps towards bigger and bigger goals. There are a lot of new trials that come when I switch areas, but I am getting better at changing to the situations. I have been doing a nice deep study of the new testiment, and while I read it along with the book of mormon, I see so many conections, that the one only supports and clarifys the other. There really is no contradicion between the Book of Mormon and The bible from what I have learned in my studys! I am only in 2nd corinthians too! there is still so much more to learn!

We have also been doing a challenge as a mission to read the book of mormon, new testiment, Pearl of great price and D&C all before the end of may. I am currently halfway through the book of mormon, and even doing that study fortifys what I need to teach to people in that same day. I guess that no man can be saved in ignorance.

Well, Im gonna keep working a ful, and I am sure that we will see some miracle in the next couple of weeks. Love you all and hope that the weather is getting warmer in the states! (here it is a nice pleasante 80-70 degress all week :) )


Elder Z


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