January 24, 2017


Alma Fuerte


Elder Crotts

Small town, big lake

I guess that there has been a lot of things going on recently in the new area. The week went by faster than I thought it could! A lot of it has been getting used to the new area , the people, members, everything! Im not in the city anymore! I guess that I need to change a bit the way i work to be able to find new people here. We actually did find a really prepared family the other day, but ill be sure to write more about them later.

I guess the first thing is that we had a big ole zone meeting in the area of the ZLs all the way in another city... so we had to travel very far away. About 2 and half hours away! im not used to have to travel so much, and in this new area im sure that we will be traveling a lot... but sometimes it is ok because it gives me some down time and an opritunity to relax. like a mini p day! mainly to use it to sleep though, since you cant do very much on a bus. but anyways, the zone meeting was good though! we had the asistantes and President correa come as well and I personaly learned a lot from the meeting. They are starting to go and participate in these meetings again, so interviews and everything every transfer from now on out.

After that we had to travel home and by then, we didnt have any more time on saturday to work. But sunday came around, and I was able to give a talk to the new members that im serving. I talked about charity and how they need to have more of it towards one another. haha with few members, you cant afford to have divisions! I have been reading a lot about it in the bible as paul is talking to those in corinth. But yeah, there are few people, but they are strong people with a lot of hope for a good, new start. (its one way to say it)

Sunday night, we decided to contact a reference that we had recieved on wednesday. So we went to the house, and it is acutally in a richer part of alma fuerte, and it suprised me when they completely accepted that we pass through their door and teach them. It turns out they had a tradgedy in the family where the son had commited suicide, and the mother, with so many other things happening in her life has a lot of concerns about what is to come. She and her family have been very well prepared to recieve the gospel. I only hope that Ill be able to work with the spirit enough to be able to help them!

Other than that, my comp is great! we get along really well for now. He is new, so im doing a lot of work, but he is very willing to learn and to work along with me!

But, anyways, love you all and hope that school and work arent taking away the joys of life :)


Elder Z


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