January 10, 2017


Parque Liceo


Elder Wilcox

Caught in the rain

Just so you all know, luckly it wasnt too hot this week. Part of it might be that all of saturday we were preparing the baptizm of Paulo and Yamila, but also it is that we had giant thunderstorms pass by in cordoba within the past week. IT definitly made it a bit more bearable to be outside with a bit of rain to cool us down :) Not to metion, these giant storms we could see them coming from miles away! it made me think of good ol montana summer storms. The ones that you can see coming from miles away, and they are just giant walls of black clouds... yeah, i miss those... But im not trunky :)

A great part of the week was watching Yamila and Paulo get baptized. It was amazing, really we went through the entire week and everything went smoothly. I dont think we had any problems during the baptism or the process to organize it. The service was really good as well. Sunday they were confirmed and I had the privledge of confirming Yamila. It was a very special spiritual experience for me. Not only that, but we have been working with this family for a good 2 months now, so it is awesome to see the good part of them baptized!

Other than that, we had a miracle happen on wednesday. We had been trying to get in contact with a reference for a good month now, and we finally were able to find the house the other day. as the woman (norma) answered the door, she got all excited, she then let us in imediatly. She is an older woman that has been to church before, has had a lot of health problems, but already knew that this is the church she needed to join. She told us she had gotten up from sleeping and went to go wash her face as if someone was going to visit her though she had no plans to have anyone come to visit her. Thus in the moment we knocked on the door! Her and her husband have already made their decision to be baptized on the 22 of january!

Though there was a lot of other work that we did through the week, most of the time we were dodging thunderstorms... But yeah....

So next week is transfer week, so we will see if im in parque liceo for 6 more weeks, or if ill be called to serve in another place in the great MAC!

LOve and miss you all!


Elder Z


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