January 3, 2017


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Elder Wilcox

Ano nuevo

This has been a pretty exciting week. I guess there is quite a bit that I want to talk about, so lets get to it! I guess for one, it is still hot here... It is a furnace in this cyber even though there is air conditioning... ill get over it... I should get used to it since ill be in the heat for the next couple of months untill winter rolls in. We have seen a bunch of storms roll in just under cordoba, but never get here. I hope one of these days we will get a nice bit of ice cold rain fallin down on us.

I hope that you all had a great news years! We spent the day working, it was extra hot as well, but at the least at the end of the day we got to go to a members house to spend the new years. It is a lot like christmas here where at midnight everyone goes outside and buys fireworks. I enjoy that part of the new years party! we need more fireworks for the new year parties in the states!

Our sunday was pretty good as well, we had our two next baptisms go to church! Daniels kids, Yamila and Paulo are really progressing and we plan to have a baptism at the end of this week! I am hoping that Everything goes smoothly, which im sure it will. God has granted us a huge blessing in being able to teach this family the gospel, and that they have been so receptive to it! We are planning to have daniel do the baptism for his kids since on sunday, he also recieved the priesthood.

We have a new family that is starting to progess as well. They are called the familia ludueña. Even though they have had many health problems in the past, and many poor experiences with other churches, they are very willing to recive us in their house and be taught! They were a reference of a family of members that live right across from them, and though this family has recived the missionaries before, they never were baptized since they couldnt understand the missionaries that first taught them! So now that I Have some good experiece speaking and teaching, I hope that now they are ready to accept the gospel :)

That has pretty much been it. I feel that a lot happened last week and much is going to happen this week as well. I Hope that everyone back home is in good health and suffering the cold! Just remember, you could be in the heat with 70% and more humiditiy!

Love ya all!


Elder Z


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