December 20, 2016


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Elder Wilcox

splish splash....

So I guess the most important thing that happened this week was the baptism of Daniel! I cant tell you all how much he is changed and all the things he has told us since the time that we baptized him. He is really a changed man thanks to the gospel! It is also a great joy to me since we have been working here for 3 months without very much success. So I was starting to think that I was going to leave here without another baptism. But at the same time, we baptized daniel, and now we are working with his kids! We talked to one of his kids yesterday and invited him to be baptized. He accepted! So we may have another baptism before the end of this transfer.

That of course was the biggest thing that happened this week. I am very happy about it. More than that, last week was a lot of preparing for that baptism, the interview, last couple of lessons, and little things like that. We had a zone meeting on wednesday, and today we went to a little waterfal in a small town outside of cordoba. This week at the least has had a great start.

I guess I could talk about how hot that it has been. I did feel sick last week for a day more after tuesday. I decided that it was all the heat more than anything. So Ill be taking a couple more careful steps in to make sure that I dont get sick again. Today, im just tierd... Very tierd, since we didnt get to take our daily nap that we usually take after lunch.

I am looking forward to christmas more that anything. To the skype call of course is my christmas present :) I also did get word that my package arrived! so next time that I go to the mission home, ill be able to pick it up! Just in time for christmas!

Sorry that I dont have too much for this past week, but this week has already had some mini miracles, so im sure that we are going to have a couple more during the week to tell during the skype call (more information on that in another email!)

love you all! I hope that your christmas is filled with wonderful presents not only recieved, but given as well. With not only full stomachs, but with full hearts as well!


Elder Z


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