December 13, 2016


Parque Liceo


Elder Wilcox

I feel sick....

I have heard that all of you are enjoying all that cold in the states, snow, and all of that awesome stuff. Me on the other hand, i think im suffering from heat exhaution... that and I ate a bad empanada the other day. Since about sunday night, that is how i have been feeling. Bits of everything! But Im still finding ways to enjoy the mission. Mostly from baptisms :)

So, even though im not feeling very well, we are going to go do the baptismal interview for daniel tonight! He, like me, hasnt been feeling too well with his health the past week, but he is equally animated to be baptized the 17 of december! We have been talking with him though out the week and every time we go, he expresses how now he feels so much more peace in his life, and he has been reading the book of mormon and liahonas a ful! So, we pretty much have a sure baptism for this weekend. (after 3 months!)

We had our end of year dinner as a branch last thursday, and it was really fun1 I would have put pictures but this computer that Im at wont let me.... I might not be able to send pictures for a couple of weeks... But yeah, we got permission to stay at the activity till midnight, we had a really good time with the ward and I had a lot of fun! the ward is slowly becoming more unified!

My new responsabilities arent so scary anymore. I think it was just the fact that I didnt expect what I needed to do to be a district leader, but I have gotten a lot of advice from the ZLs and the assistentes del presidente. at least I k now what I need to do now!

So, I will be letting everyone know when Ill be able to do the skype call in about 12 days....(give or take :) ) I love and miss you all!


Elder Z


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