December 6, 2016


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Elder Wilcox


Another transfer has gone by, and a lot of new things have happened, at least to where i am serving! First off, Daniel hasnt gotten baptized yet... he still needs some time to decided, and though he is progressing, he still needs a bit of a push in the conversion process. but ill talk about that a little bit latter. Second, we had transfers last saturday, and a couple things came from that. Im not going anywhere (just as I didnt expect) and I have been given the responsibility of being district leader over my area and that of a small town outside of cordoba! (didnt expect that either...) It is a bit sad, since I really enjoyed being with Amasìo, we got along really well, and we could relate to eachother really well being in the same group. But now I am with a elder Wilcox! Elder Wilcox is from denver colorado, has 5 months in the mission, and that is all I know about him so far. Like always, more on my new comp next week! but yeah, i moved up as district leader, and with that comes a lot of responsablitly. The first thing that someone told me is that if anyone in my district does something wrong, that goes on my head.... I am a bit nervous, but im sure that it is something that will come over time. My zone leaders are very willing to support me, and they have already helped me out quite a bit, so, Im glad for that.

The week was pretty crazy though, I feel right now that a lot went on, but maybe that is just me talking. let me think.... Wednesday we had meetings, thurday too, and cleaning, and weekly planning, everything getting ready for the transfers. We did a lot of focusing on daniel and helping him progress.

We actually had a lesson that was amazing with daniel saturday. We met in the church, and also witha couple members that are kinda fellowshiping daniel. we had been thinking about him and what he needs to do to help him feel more peace in his life. it came to me to read a chapter in the scriptures with him. We read alma 36:1-21 with him, and as we read with him, we explained to him, even though alma was a sinner in his time, we wanted to replace sin with maybe the bad expieriences that he had had in his life. As we explained to him about how alma found peace through Christ, Daniel expressed to us that maybe he didnt have enough faith for something so profound to happen. He had been listening to use hoping that we could carry him out of his depression, but lack the faith to trust in Christ first. We Taught him, commited him to grow his faith, and, well, I hope that it worked! (havent been able to verify quite yet...)

Sunday we had an activity to find more new investigators. We decided to take all the ex missionarys, and future missionaries, and just go contacting! we spent only an hour working together, but in that short time, we had found more people than we usually find in a week! it wil be a great way to start the trasfer!

I am hoping that ill be able to keep up with my calling now, I know it will get easy over time, I just hope I can do my best!

Love you all! I hope that the week goes well and that it doesnt snow too much, we are in december now!


Elder Z


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