November 29, 2016


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Sorry for writing this correo a bit late, but we spent the day in another city in our zone, and we got back late, then had a lesson with daniel, and yeah, just know I am getting around to writing. I ahvent forgotten about you all! (nunca jamas!) Luckly I dont have too many letters to respond to, so Ill be able to focus on this :) this week was pretty busy, we had a lot that was going on and that happened. Mostly good things at the least!

Starting with our christmas conference! every year, the mission does a little christmas conference with the entire mission. We met up on wednesday and started with a couple of discourses from president and some of his couselors. Then we had a really good lunch with patato salad, a good piece of meat, and lots of juice! afterwards, we got to listen to some of the missionarys going home this transfer give their last testimonies. Our district leader is one of the missionaries going home, so It was cool listening to him give his testimony. we finished up the conference with a talent show, and slideshow, and it was all pretty fun! (reminding me I dont have too many talents to show off, but, im working on it.)

On friday, we did an intercambio, I and went to giñazu to help out the missionarys there prepare for some baptisms that they had. There wasnt too much that happened that day, though I got to know some of there people they have been working with. It was cool to see people ready for baptism and ready to take that step in their lives!

Then on saturday, we spent most of the day helping the other elders get ready for their baptisms. We got to teach daniel right after the baptism, and he and his daughter came to watch it too! it was super cool since they came despite the fact that it was going to rain super hard that day! they dont have a car or anything, so walking in the rain isnt somthing anyone would want to do.

So yeah, daniel is progressing really well. He feels like we are helping him with everything that is going on in his life. He is absorbing everything we teach him, and he loves the way he feels in church! So we have plans for his baptism this saturday, So we hope that everything goes well untill then!

That is about how the week went, This next week there could be alot happening. I might be trasfered to a new area, since next week is transfer week! I ahve been thinking most of the transfer that ill go to a new area, but we will see. We will have the baptism, a couple other things, but we will see.

Thanks for everything that you all say and give to me in support! i know that I cant be there for now, but Ill be back home soon :)


Elder Z


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