November 22, 2016


Parque Liceo


Elder Amaseo


So after a couple of weeks without too much success and other stuff, things are getting a lot better! I guess it is true what they say when you loose yourself in the work, everthing gets easier and things start happening. Before in the mission, I guess I was concerned about numbers, that the amount of work that showed was more important than the actuall work. This week definitly showed that. That, along with thinking how I have 16 months in the mission now.... By the end of next transfer, ill have 18 months!!!!! I wont be trunky, I promise, but sometimes, it happens like that :)

So yeah, this week we had a bit of a miracle happen. During the week, we had focused the majority of our efforts on finding new people to teach. Despite our best efforts, there wernt too many people interested in a second visit. But, sunday came around and though I thought that the day was going to be spent in wondering why no one came to church! but we were fortunate that some members here had been doing some missionary work with a friend and brought her to church. (though she had been taught before, and her parents dont really want her to get baptized, it shows that she is very willing to follow through with these things) but that wasnt the miracle that happened to us. As sacrament meeting started (since it is the last meeting of the day) we were waiting in our seats when a member came up to us and said, hey! you guys have an investigator outside! Though, we didnt have anyone else, I was very enthusiastic to hear those words. So we got to meet Daniel. He told us he was walking by the chapple when he felt curious to enter in. He said that recently too he has been going through depression that came from nothing.(like, a year ago he was walking down the street and had a panic attack for no reason...) So we gave him a blessing after the meeting, and after wards sent him home with a book of mormon. He told us as he left that he already felt better!

The next day (yesterday) we taught him the second lesson, and with one of his daughters, they accepted baptismal dates for the 3rd of december! it was a true miracle for me!

Other than that, we did try to do an activity on saturday. I did have an ok turn out, and i guess that is where this photo of me and empanadas comes from. We wanted to do an activity/competition to see who could make the best empanadas. along with eating many empanadas (delicious!) we hoped for members to bring their friends and nieghbors with them. That is where that girl that went to church came from. Her name is mikaela, but we will see if there is any potential there.

Thursday we did an intercambio with my district leader. Though he is ending his mission in a couple of weeks (14 days he says) it was fun to listen to him, being trunky, but at the same time super focused on the work and being a missionary. (it brings back not so good memorys of not so focused missionarys that were diying)

So in the end, it was a really good week! I am proud of the progress that we are making here, and I hope that everything goes butterly with Daniel and Yamila (his daughter)

Thanks for all of your support! I love and miss you all!


Elder Z

(sorry for no fotos this week, computer doesnt want my memory card i guess...)


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