November 15, 2016


Parque Liceo


Elder Amaseo

Being reminded why im here

There were a lot of spiritually moments of this week even though in the moment, maybe I didnt realize it. (maybe i chose to start with that for the bland fact that we got to go to the temple today.) But equally, I feel that I was able to grow quite a bit from the things that have been going on recently in Parque liceo. Not that bad things have been happening. (minus that my comp got bit by a dog the other day) but little things that help me remember why im here as a missionary.

So, the heat is officially back, we get back some days from lunch and I have to lay in my bed 20 minutes to cool off before I can do anything! Apart from the heat, we also have a lot of humidity here in cordoba capital. As a result of the humidity, we have had a couple of storms come in, but the majority have been a couple hours at the most and then heat again. I dont mind it too much, since I am getting used to living here. My comp isnt at all! he has been having allergy problems lately, and though I offer him medicine, he doesnt want to take it... But, at the same time, im starting to feel the swing of Seasonal alergies...

Saturday we had the privlage of watch a member open her mission call during lunch! We got to the house, and we had no idea that she had recieved her call. But the girl was proudly showing it to us, and after we ate and the rest of the family arrived, she opened her call. She is going to be serving in Spain! (which is wierd since most latinos serve in latin america...) but hey! God needs her there!
But yeah, as a result of that, I have been reflecting on the mission a bit, how it was when I opened my call, How I was way back then! I have changed a lot, in good ways though! as I have been thinking, I dont think there has been one bad thing that has become me as I have been on the mission. Sure, I have some stuff to work on, but many of the bad qualitys that I used to embrace, I have put aside. The atonement is really an amazing thing.

The work here is going alright. We are focusing on preparing an activity for the branch to get people to invite friends and bring the ward together. So other finding efforts have been kinda put on a stall. The activity will be the 19th though, so, lots of work is going to be put into that.

I hope that everyone is doing well. Travels safe, and in good health. Ill be sure to have more juicy information on member, investigators, and stories going on halfway around the world in a suburb i call my second home.

Love ya all!


Elder Z


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