November 8, 2016


Parque Liceo


Elder Amaseo

Im learning how to play soccer again

The third week of the transfer is already here! I have been enjoying my time with elder Amasio quite a bit, and we get along really well. He is a bit quiet (as in he doesnt talk very loud so I cant understand him sometimes...) but that is OK, ive gotten used to talking to people and being able to keep conversations going. either way, ive been liking how a tongan acts. I mean, he puts on a tough act, but he is really a big teddy bear. He keeps trying to pay for food for me and stuff, I have to deny him every now and then so he doesnt run out of money! But He is very charitable, That is somthing that id love to be able to develope.

So, ive been doing pretty good lately, I feel like that I could be a bit more diligent at the moment, as in being with a elder from my group makes it a bit hard somtimes to be focused. haha but that has happened before, I can get over it. About the title of the letter too, there is an elder in our zone that playes soccer really really well, so Ive been learning from him a bit how to do some things in soccer. Like, how to juggle better, little tricks. Today we went to a pueblito to spend P day, and I spent most of it with a soccer ball at my feet trying stuff out.

The other day we had a service for a sister in an area about us. We were in a intercambio with the elders there, and then they asked if we wanted to stay to be able to help with the service in the morning. We painted a roof and layed down a bunch of concret to make a patio in front the house. She then gave us a nice lunch! plenty of juice as well, as the day was super hot... As it turns out, we have pretty much reached summer again here! the other day it was about 40 degrees celcius, as in more than 100 degrees... It was a very hot day, but we dont always get to do a service for people.

During that intercambio though, we had a bit of a miracle in our area. We went to go visit a family that we had been working with for a while now. We had been considering droping some of the members of the family as investigators since they havent been progressing. But the week before we met a 12 year old girl that is part of the family, but had always been sleeping when we went by. So during this lesson during the intercambio, she came out, and proceeded to tell us that not only she had read the pamflet that we had left with her, but she had also answered all the questions on back, and then said, IM GOING TO BE MORMON! I asked her too if she had ever felt the spirit, and she said that she felt the spirit while she was reading the pamphlet and while reading the book of mormon. So she has a baptismal date for the 26 of this month. We only need the parents permission. Which im sure we can get since they have relatives that are LDS.

At the least, we have people that are progressing. I just hope that we can keep up the work and not get so distracted. ill do my best not to be so trunky! haha it was hard writing this letter for some reason, but I hope that you all enjoyed it! Love and miss you all!


Elder Z

oh yeah, it was my birthday too, im 21, thanks for all the happy birthday wishes!


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