November 1, 2016


Parque Liceo


Elder Amaseo

getting back to work

So, many of you have had questions if we do halloween here in argentina, and I am very sad that we do not :( Yesterday was halloween, and even though there were a few people (very few) in costumes, and decorations in buisnesses, that is all we got of halloween here. Now I have to wait an entire year more to do halloween again!!!!!!!! Im sure Ill make it, but it is hard enough. Although, now that I have passed a year in the mission, ive been hitting a lot of ´lasts´, as in, last halloween in the mission, last birthday in the mission (tomorrow :) ) stuff like that. Ill be home before yall know it!

so this week was pretty good. Ive been getting to know my new comp a little bit more. He is from southern california, but his parents are from tonga. He has 7 brothers and sister! He plays rugby, football, likes to fight, (but he is pretty much a big teddybear) haha, He is a pretty chill guy and shares EVERYTHING with me, and with his companions. He keeps telling me how he gave a bunch of his things to old comps, buys stuff for them. I dont plan on using that kindness to my advantage, but I can appreciate it when I come in need. So far, pretty good companion.

WOrking this week, it was a little bit hard starting off again with a new comp, trying to get new investigators for the week and for the transfer. Our investigator Lucia, is progessing a little bit. We are pretty sure that she has ADD, she cant focus on anything for more than a minute! it is pretty funny sometimes, a bit hard to teach, but she is so willing to go through with what we teach her. It is funny too since whenever we leave her house, she has 3 dogs that follow us to wherever we go! it is nice the extra bit of protection from gangsters and drunk guys.

Speaking of drunk guys... we had to do a splash in another area on friday. I was working with a newer missionary, nearing the end of the day, so we are walking back to the chappel to get back with our comps. As we are walking, I see two kids walking in front of us, one of them just so happens to have a bottle of beer in his hand. sometimes parents send their kids to go buy more beer for them... but then, this kid decides to take a swig of the bottle! The kid was about 8 years old and everything! I yeld to him, told him that it wasnt good what he was doing, but then he turned around and put his fists up like he was going to fight us if we did anything.... We just kept walking. Funny story of the week.

well, I hope that you all had a great halloween and that you dont eat it all too fast. Take your time! enjoy your candy!

Love ya all!


Elder Z

ps, happy birthday to me.... im in argentina.... a member is going to make a cake for me at least :)


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