October 18, 2016


Parque Liceo


Elder Huebsch

well, it has been raining...

sitting here in the ciber right now, and It is raining outside still. Well it has been raining for a good couple days, since about last thursday. It has been on and off, but it seems like today it is just raining all day. I dont mind it too much, we have been without rain here for a while, a couple months, so it is very nice to get some cooler weather here. The days that it hasnt been raining have been awefuly humid and HOT. I forgot how it was to be in the heat all day as a missionary. we stop in the middle of the road for a second, or at the door of a house, and I have to wipe my forehead a couple times since it just gets so warm! The rain doesnt help the humidity...

Things have been going pretty well here though! dispite the fact that we had a rough spot the past couple weeks, we are seeing some people starting to progress! Starting with an older lady, Blanca, she is the mother of a recent convert that was baptized a couple months ago, before I got here. She is an older lady that has been going through a bout of depression. We started teaching her after he daughter came to us for help. And now she is starting to improve. We went by here the other day to check up on her and she greeted us with the biggest smile! It is really nice to see someone progressing as well as she is.

The rain hasnt stopped us from working. though this week we have been focusing a bit more on teaching those we have more than finding people. We also have another person that is progressing. Well, more that she has such a grand intrest in us and the message we have. The other day she promised us that she would gift us a plant! It is so nice to be cared by someone that doesnt even know us that well! It makes me love the people here even more!

Next week are transfers. We are pretty sure that my comp is going to leave and I am going to get a new compi here. Recently I have been getting along even better with my comp, so it is always tough when you just barely get into a rythm and then have to start all over again! I dont like it at all!

I also completed 15 months last week. It has offically been 3 months since I completed a year, and now things keep going by even faster! the end of this transfer is almost here, And I keep thinking. If I do leave parque liceo next transfer, Im surely to have only 2 areas more. I probably shouldnt think like that, but ill repent in a little bit ;)

I hope that everyone at home is doing swimmingly and that work, school, play is enjoyable. Just remember that we dont need a miricale to now that God reaches out for, and cares for each and every one of us!


ELder Z

enjoy a couple fotos!


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