October 11, 2016


Parque Liceo


Elder Huebsch

Things have changed...

As far as the last like, 2 days, a lot of things have happened in the mission. Not rule changes or anything, more of people moving around unexpectedly, and stuff like that. I was doing an intercambio with the zone leaders yesterday, and they got a call for emergency transfers for a couple of the elders in our zone and around the mission. Im luckly staying in my area, with my compi, But that has been the buzz of the mission for the past couple of days. Trust me, it is very interesting stuff, at least for a missionary. 👍

So, we have been working hard, We havent had much success lately, but there are some new people that could be progressing soon. There is a family that we have found, the mom is more interested than anyone, but she really wants her children to turn around. I just hope that They will try to keep their commitments! Other than them, from what I herd from the intercambio that took place yesterday, that we ahve some other people that are coming out of the woodworks! I have some good faith in the people that we have to progress before the end of the transfer.

At the least, We are making a great difference in peoples lives. For example, we have been visitiing a member that has been going through a really tough time right now with no work, little money, and stress in the church. We have done a lot to help him the past couple week, and we decided to go by him saturday night. The moment we knocked on the door, his phone rang. We waited a little bit to let him get the call, and a minute later, he answered the door. He had a giant smile on his face! The call was a answer to his prayers, it was a job offer. He was happy too because he was applying the things we had taught to him. I am very happy to see Gods hand in the life of someone who really needed it. It is a testimony to me thaat God loves us! We just cant feel that love sometimes because we dont love him. (not to say that we dont) but if we are putting worldly things before him, what would we expect? to recieve of his blessing abuntandly?

I am doing well, although I did seem to loose my voice yesterday while working. My throat has been a bit sore lately, so I was expecting it. I have found i am really good at playing a game call monoply cards, won the last 3 games we have played in our zone...

Love and miss you all!


ELder Z


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