October 4, 2016


Parque Liceo


Elder Huebsch

Listening to President Tommy

First of all, SORRY! I didnt have hardly any time last week to respond to nearly any emails last week. We had a weird p day, and I just didnt have time before we had to get back to work. (we almost didnt have time to work either!) But i promise to respond to emails this week :) today was pretty fun though. We just got back from spending a day in a little city called Cuesta Blanca, up in the mountains right next to a river. So we went there and spent the day talking, eating food, playing games in the sand next to the river as a zone. It was really fun a nice to relax, though the town was a good 2 hours from cordoba. The end of the day it did start to rain on us, a little storm rolled in and we got soaked! Im nice and dry now, but in the moment, I was freezing!

The week was actually mas o menos. We did work a ton for the few days that we did have time to work in our area. What happened is that tuesday we couldnt work in our area, and wednesday we did a zone splash in another area. Saturday and sunday were general conference. So, in total we had 3 days to work and though we worked a lot, we had a tough time being in a rythm working in our own area. for the work that we did do, I am not ashamed of. We did good work for what we had time for to do.

I guess a big (GIANT) part of the week was the general conference. We had to go to the stake center in the area of the zone leaders in order to watch conference. We did get to be with all the other missionaries from my zone and talk with them, an hermana gave us a really good lunch (both days) and we got the chance to watch in english! personally I learned a lot from the conference and all that I have had to change in my life, I now have the strength to change. Straight from the start, I noticed that the plan of salvation was a big focus for a lot of the speakers. (that, or utchdorf really spoke to me) I personally think that It should be a greater focus of study for me in the future, that I might be able to understand it more, that I might have JOY in the blessings this knowledge brings.

It was a sort of disapointing week with all of the delays and little things that happened, but im all good with it. I have learned not to focus on things we cant change, but the things we can change. So, that means working really hard the rest of this week in order to be able to move the work along, right?

I hope that all of you had a great week and general conference weekend, and can start applying all that you learned, TODAY!


ELder Z

(I would send photos, but the computer im at doesnt have any slot for it.)


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