September 20, 2016


Parque Liceo


Elder Huebsch

Good Start

So I just got to this area, and we have already had the privilage to baptize a man! There isnt much of a better way to start a new translado than with a baptism! Altough I hardly did anything in teaching him and preparing him, It was nice to see this man, Torquato, be baptized. He is a little bit crazy though, but he needs baptism, as do we all :). Starting the transfer good though. It still is a bit wierd for me here in the new area. It is a bit bigger the new area than 9 de julio, and it is a bit hard getting around since I dont know the area yet! But it is a branch here, and recently there was a change in the branch presidency. Now there is a lot of animation in the branch, and A lot of good things are happening. There have been about 10 baptisms since the change about 6 months ago, So there area a lot of good things happening here, and I am very excited to be apart of it!

I have been pretty lost though in my time here. Though it hasnt been much, Im just trying to learn everyones names, the area, investigators, and at the same time, doing the work, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Im doing my best to keep my head up (to keep from falling asleep!)

The other day we had a talk with a member who recently was able to go through the temple a couple months ago. He and his family have been going through a really tough time, and as a result, the hermano is feeling depressed and overwhelmed. I was glad that I was able to relate to him and be able to know exactly how he felt. As a result, we were able to give him hope, to give him a reason to keep going in the church and in his situation. It is little things like that that i like in the mission.

So I have gotten to know my new comp a little bit more over the past couple of days. So Elder Huebsch is from Bosie Idaho, born in arizona, and He likes to play basketball! He moved to idaho about 5 years ago, and has a pretty big family. (about 7 in total) he is my age (but im about to complete 21 years living, so, that is coming up soon. Elder Huebsch has about 10 months in the mission, (so yea, im still comp mayor)( or senior comp) But I am very excited to be working with him here in parque liceo!

We have a couple of investigators that are progressing, little by little, (not very fast, but...) For now, we just baptized, and we have to press on finding new people to baptize and help enter the path. I never really liked the finding part of missionary work. I always loved teaching though. I find now that I am more able to teach people. Now that I know the lessons, I find that I am starting to understand the scriptures and understand doctrine. There is a big differenece in know scriptures, and then knowing what they say and understanding what impact they have on our enternal salvation. The scriptures are called the words of life right? Then if we comprehend the scritures, we will be able to act and know why!

So, that is what is going on in the life of a missionary in the middle of argentina. It is wierd, people keep saying that I am almost done with the mission when I still have at least 9 months to go! (i did complete 14 months in the mission this week!)

Love and Miss you all!


Elder Z


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